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Burn Permits and Outside Burning

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Do I need a permit to burn brush?
A permit is required for home outside burning. If you fail to obtain a permit, and you need assistance from the Town Fire Department to control your fire, you will liable for the cost of assistance.

How do I get a permit?
Contact the Shelburne Dispatch Center at 985-8051
. Please remember to be kind and courteous as they are providing a very valuable service to the Town of Hinesburg at no additional cost. Also, the determination of whether or not a permit is issued is up to the Fire Warden, not the Shelburne Dispatch Center -- they are only acting as a point of communication.

When I get a permit, what can I burn?
You are allowed to burn any natural vegetation (trees, brush and grass) and also untreated wood product, which is wood with no paint or wood that is not pressure-treated. Household trash is not permitted for burning under the State of Vermont Clean Air Act (Sec. 1. 24 V.S.A. 2201).

Are there any other burn regulations or requirements?

  • All fires should be in an open area away from houses and other structures and should not be placed next to roadways as they can be a distraction to passing drivers. It is very important to never leave a burn pile unattended as it can spread very quickly and damage both yours and your neighbors' property. Any one found to be violating these rules for burning may have their permits revoked and be refused future permits. A fine of up to $500 may also be issued under the State of Vermont Clean Air Act (Sec. 1. 24 V.S.A. 2201). The rules laid out above apply to both day and night burns.

  • Additional restrictions for night time fires: You need to call for a night time permit before 8:00 PM; the fire must be completely put out when retiring for the night.

  • Anyone burning without a permit or burning a permitted fire that is deemed unsafe will be asked to put the fire out. If the fire is not put out, the Hinesburg Fire Department will send a truck to put the fire out and the responsible party may have future permits refused.

  • Call 911 sooner than later if a fire gets out of control. We would rather take care of a slightly out of control fire than have a large rapidly growing incident.

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