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Development Review Board

Development Review Board (DRB)
Although members of the DRB are appointed by the Select Board, the DRB’s mission and procedures are defined by State Statute, Hinesburg’s land use regulations, and the DRB’s own Rules of Procedure. For details, see VT State Statute Title 24, Chapter 117, Sections 4460-4464 (available online at http://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes).

The role of the DRB is to hear and review applications for development under the applicable regulations. The DRB can only approve applications that comply with the applicable bylaw or state law, and the board can only levy conditions that are permitted under the bylaw. By the same token, if a project meets the applicable bylaw criteria, the DRB is bound by law to grant the approval.

The opinions of individual members about the general level of development in the municipality must not affect the decision making of the board when acting in a quasi-judicial context. At all times, DRB members must take steps to ensure that the board is perceived as a neutral entity.

Ultimately, the purpose behind the development review process is to help achieve the community’s vision through sensible and well-planned development. The community’s vision is expressed broadly in the Town Plan, and codified with regard to new development in specific land use regulations – Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Official Map, etc.

Want to better understand Hinesburg's Development Review Process?

Chairperson:  Dennis Place
Vice-Chairperson:  Richard Jordan
Clerk:  Sarah Murphy
Meetings Held:  1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
Location:  Ground Level Conference Room, Town Hall

Development Review Board Members

Application Information
Haystack Crossing
Project planning and DRB review is underway for the 76-acre Haystack Crossing project located at the corner of Shelburne Falls Road and Route 116. Plans, application material, and staff reports are available. Go »
Hinesburg Center Phase 2
Project planning and DRB review is underway for this 46-acre project located to the north of Farmall Drive behind Kinney Drugs on Route 116. Plans, application material, and staff reports are available. Go »


Development Review Board Meeting Minutes, Agenda, and Video
Meeting agendas are typically posted the Friday before each Board Meeting.


Rules of Procedure and Conflict of Interest Policy



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