Selectboard Meeting

January 30, 2002

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Attending the meeting from Hinesburg:  Lynn Gardner, Andrea Morgante, Jon Trefry, Randy Volk, Jeanne Wilson, Chris Morrell, Al Barber, Chris Putnam.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM


This meeting was held at the Shelburne Town Offices, and was attended by Selectboard members and staff from the Towns of Shelburne and Hinesburg.  The purpose of this meeting was to address issues of concern regarding the cost of dispatch services provided by Shelburne Dispatch for Hinesburg police, fire and first response.


Issues discussed included the cost for police dispatching, which appears out of line with other police dispatch costs throughout the county.  The State Police provided an estimated cost of $20,750 for police dispatching, while the Town of Milton contracts with the Town of Colchester for police dispatch services at a cost of $16,000.  Shelburne had requested $52,837 for police dispatching, planning to elevate to that level over a three year period with the cost for FY 02-03 being $18,834.  While the cost of $26.42/call may be equitable for fire and first response calls, the formula does not appear to work for police calls.  It was also voiced that the formula works on an assumption of equal cost responsibility for the dispatch center, but without representation from the other agencies that are asked to contribute.


It was suggested that Hinesburg Police Chief Chris Morrell and Shelburne Police Chief James Warden work together to propose a per call rate for police dispatching that they feel would be equitable.  This proposed rate will be reviewed by the boards of both towns.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM, after which a tour of the new Shelburne police and dispatch center was given.


Respectfully Submitted,




Jeanne Kundell Wilson

Hinesburg Town Administrator