Selectboard Meeting

February 4, 2002


Attending the meeting: Lynn Gardner, Andrea Morgante, Jonathan Trefry, John Guttler, Randy Volk, Jeanne Wilson, Elizabeth Sengle, Michael Anthony, Rocky Martin, Steve Button, Veronica Estey, Joe Segale.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.


Joe Segale from the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization gave an overview of the Long Range Transportation Plan.  The LRTP is required by Federal Law, and must be updated every five years.  The current plan was adopted in 1997.  The CCMPO has developed a strategy for the update process, and hope to have the new plan adopted in October 2002.


Recreation Director Elizabeth Sengle outlined her proposal to submit a grant application for the Vermont Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Program.  The project funding would be used to provide repairs and upgrades to the basketball court, to make it a multi-use facility (basketball, ice skating and skateboarding).  The board expressed its support of an investment in recreation in the village area, and will write a letter of support to be included in the grant package.


Highway Foreman Michael Anthony advised that a slide-in tailgate sander/spreader had been purchased for the F350 pick-up truck.  This 1 ½ yard sander will allow the department to sand small roads and parking lots that are plowed by the pick-up.  The sander was purchased with funds remaining from the purchase of the 2002 dump.


Michael discussed with the Board the order placement of a new truck in FY 02-03.  A new truck can be ordered now with no obligation, for delivery in July.  If the purchase is not approved at Town Meeting, the order can be cancelled.  Michael will get three price quotes and present them at the next meeting.  There was a discussion about the advantages of ordering a tandem truck, which will provide increased hauling capacity.  Andrea questioned whether the Town could justify using a tandem, which would exceed the weight restrictions on the gravel roads.  Michael advised that the highway department would obviously be sensitive to adequate road conditions for use of the heavier truck, since they would be responsible for repair of any damage.  Michael advised that he has been offered $8,500 for trade in on the 1988 truck with the new purchase.  Michael plans to advertise the truck to see if it can be sold for a higher price.  If not, he will go with the trade.


Public Works Director Rocky Martin and Water & Wastewater Operator Steve Button reported on the results of the Northeast Rural Water Association site visit of the water system.   The report states that existing test data showed levels of iron and manganese do not warrant treatment, but recommended establishing an increased sampling plan to determine whether water treatment for iron and manganese is warranted.  Steve will begin a monthly testing schedule on samples from the wells and four remote sampling points on the distribution system.  Steve advised that it is more cost effective for the Town to purchase the testing kit, and do the testing in-house as opposed to sending the samples to the Health Department for testing.  In addition to the testing, a flushing hydrant will be installed on Mechanicsville Road this spring.  Veronica Estey inquired about the high water pressure, and whether that would be corrected.  Steve advised that 120 psi is the typical pressure of the system in that zone, and that pressure cannot be changed.  Steve reported that pressure reducing valves are often warranted in this area.  The Town will furnish and install the pressure reducing valve, which will be monitored, repaired or replaced by the property owner.



Veronica Estey claimed that the Town required Firehouse Plaza to purchase their own water meters when the project was built in 1996.  An incompatible meter was purchased (meter read in gallons instead of cubic feet), and Veronica claims that the Town required the meters be replaced in 1997.  When the water system upgrade was completed, the Town installed their own meters in August of 1999.  The Water Bylaws, which were in effect when Firehouse Plaza was built in 1996 state that “Meters will be furnished to a property owner..” (Section 6).  Veronica presented invoices in the amount of $2,494.77 for the purchase and installation of two sets of meters, and asked for reimbursement of these expenses.  Lynn advised that the Board would research and discuss this request and respond to Veronica at a later date.


Veronica asked that, as a landlord, she receive copies of the water & wastewater bills of her tenants, so that she can be informed of past due bills.  The Selectboard noted that they were under the impression that this change had already been instituted.  Jeanne reported that she had found out that day that the change had not been instituted, and that she would look into it.


Veronica inquired about the repairs to the lawn area on the north side of Firehouse Plaza.  Rocky reported that this area was dug up for a repair to the water line on November 12, 2001, and the lawn repairs would be completed as soon as spring weather allowed.


Rocky discussed an upgrade to the wastewater treatment facility, and there was a consensus that, while an immediate need for increased discharge capacity does not exist, the Town should continue on its long range plan to increase the discharge capacity.


Rocky and Steve reported that they plan to dredge the lagoons this summer for sludge removal.  At that time they will evaluate the dredge usage, and report back to the Board on whether they feel the dredge should continue to be used, or sold with sludge removal services being contracted out.


Rocky noted that an article in the Hinesburg Record regarding the CVU bond vote for upgrades and renovations indicated a cost of $40,000 for connecting CVU to the municipal water system.  Rocky felt this estimate was very low, and he estimates a cost of $135,000 for construction only (not including testing, legal and control panel costs).  Rocky will contact CSSU to advise them of the discrepancy.     


Other Business


Approve Warrants:  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer.  Seconded by John and approved.


Approve Minutes of January 14, 2002: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of January 14, 2002.  Seconded by Andrea and approved.


Approve Minutes of January 21, 2002:  Jon moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of January 21, 2002 as corrected.  Seconded by Andrea and approved, with John and Randy abstaining.


Approve Minutes of January 30, 2002:  Jon moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of January 30, 2002.  Seconded by Andrea and approved, with John abstaining.


Water Service Agreement / Manning Property at 237 Richmond Road / Applicant: Merriel Green:   Randy moved that the Board vote to sign the water service agreement with Merriel Green for the Muriel Manning property located at 237 Richmond Road.  Seconded by Jon and approved.


Appointment to Recreation Commission:  There are two positions on the Recreation Commission up for appointments.  Eileen Crawford has expressed an interest in another term.  The vacancies have been published and posted.  Andrea moved that the Board vote to appoint Eileen Crawford to the Recreation Commission for a three-year term, which will expire on February 1, 2005.  Seconded by John and approved.


Town Hall Lease Application / Ted Kreider for Painting Workshop on 2/16/02 and 3/23/02:  Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the Town Hall Lease Agreement of Ted Kreider for a painting workshop on February 16th and March 23rd, 2002, subject to the terms of the lease agreement.  Seconded by Jon and approved.


Additions to the Agenda


Driveway Permit Application / Stephen Leffler on Lincoln Hill Road:  Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the driveway permit application of Stephen Leffler for a road cut on Lincoln Hill Road, Grand List Lot Number 10-1-16, subject to the terms and conditions placed on the permit by the Road Foreman and all State and Local permits governing the development of this parcel.  Seconded by Jon and approved.


 Village West Side Road Feasibility Study:  Town Planner Faith Ingulsrud has made a request to the CCMPO to conduct a feasibility study of a bypass road from Stella Road intersecting Route 116 opposite Commerce Street.  This study has been called the Village West Side Road Feasibility Study. The first step of the project is to organize a steering committee to refine and finalize the scope of work for the project.  This steering committee will be comprised of staff members (Rocky, Faith and Jeanne),    a representative of the Planning Commission, a representative of the Selectboard and landowners (representative of the Lyman and Russell families and Saputo Foods).  Andrea indicated that she would be interested in representing the Selectboard on the steering committee, but the Board requested that a notice of the meeting be forwarded to all Board members, in case others wished to attend.


MPO Technical Assistance Project / Richmond Road & Mechanicsville Road Intersection Draft Report:  Jeanne reported that a draft report on the Richmond Road & Mechanicsville Road intersection had been received.  The Board reviewed Figure 6 of the report (a diagrammatic representation of proposed changes).  Jeanne will make copies of the report and forward them to the Board for further review.


Request for Use of Compensatory Time / Holly Russell:  According to the Town of Hinesburg Personnel Policy, the Selectboard must review and approve an employee’s request to utilize more than eight consecutive hours of compensatory time.  Holly Russell will be traveling to Germany on February 14th and would like to use fifty-six hours of compensatory time.  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve Holly Russell’s request to use fifty-six consecutive hours of compensatory time for February 14 – 25, 2002.  Seconded by John and approved.  


Randy moved that the Board vote to adjourn at 9:55 PM.  Seconded by Andrea and approved.


Respectfully Submitted,




Jeanne Kundell Wilson

Hinesburg Town Administrator