Selectboard Meeting

February 18, 2002

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Attending the meeting: Andrea Morgante, Jon Trefry, John Guttler, Randy Volk, Jeanne Wilson,

Penrose Jackson, Mike Anthony, Stewart Pierson.


John called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. as acting chair.


Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Representative -              Penrose Jackson

Penrose reviewed changes in the new regional plan with the Board.  There are now 5 designations

in the new plan; special use, metropolitan, village, transitional and rural.  Some wording in the new

plan took up much time and as they start work on the next 5yr plan they hope to work on that



Highway Foreman Michael Anthony / Bid Prices for Dump Truck – Mike received 2 bids for the

truck.  Jon moved the Board vote to accept the bid from Clark’s Truck Center of $78,151.51 for the

International chassis subject to approval of proposed highway budget by the voters.  Second by

Randy and approved.


      Other Business


Approve Minutes of February 4, 2002: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes

of February 4, 2002, second by Jon and approved.


Trial Balance for Sewer & Water and General Fund Accounts for Period Ending 1/31/02: 

Andrea moved that the Board vote to acknowledge receipt of the trial balance for the Sewer &

Water Account and General Fund Account for the period ending 1/31/01.  Second by Jon and



VTrans Cooperative Agreement / Recreation Path:  Board members had several questions

about the agreement and will wait for clarification before signing. 


CCMPO Technical Assistance Project / Mechanicsville & Richmond Road Intersection

Jeanne will make a list of questions of the Board and residents and pass on to the consultants to address.


Additions to the Agenda


Appointment of Town Service Officer: The Town has received notification from the Vermont

Agency of Human Services that the term for Robin Harris as Town Service Officer expires on April

14, 2002.  Jeanne has contacted Robin, and she is interested in continuing as the Town Service




Randy moved that the Board vote to reappoint Robin Harris as Hinesburg Town Service Officer

for a one-year term which will expire on April 14, 2003. Second by Jon and approved.



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CCMPO Public Hearing on Route 15 Corridor Plan (see handout) / Andrea Morgante

Andrea reviewed with the Board the facts regarding amending the long range transportation plan to include commuer rail from Burlington to Essex.


 Vermont Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant Committee:  Letter of support from the

Selectboard for the LWCF Grant application for improvements to the Wainer Community

Playground has been prepared and signed by the Board members.   The application deadline is

March 1, and will need to be signed by a representative of the Selectboard when completed.




Jon moved that the Board vote to authorize the signing by a Board member of the Vermont Land

and Water Conservation Fund Grant Application for improvements to Wainer Community   

Playground when the application is completed. Second by Andrea and approved.  


Update on Silver Street Bridge Grant Program:  $100,000 deposited in Town General Fund

account on 2/14/02 from State of Vermont.  RFP has been completed and will be sent to potential

engineering consultants on 2/19/02. 


Jeanne reported on price quotes on a new police cruiser.  Randy moved the Board vote to

authorize the Police Dept to purchase a Dodge Durango with side air bag from Goss Dodge for

$24,908.  Second by Jon and approved.


Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 9:25 p.m. second by Andrea and approved.



Respectfully submitted,


Valerie Spadaccini, secretary