Selectboard Meeting

April 15, 2002


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Attending the meeting: Lynn Gardner, Andrea Morgante, Jon Trefry, Randy Volk, John Guttler, Jeanne Wilson, Ted White, Melissa Levy, Rocky Martin, Russell Barone, George Bedard, Bruce and Sue Johnson, Stewart  Pierson.


Interview for Conservation Commission Vacancy / Melissa Levy

Members of the Board introduced themselves to Melissa.  Melissa stated she is a graduate student at UVM studying Natural Resources.  She has worked on environmental issues in other communities and in looking to be involved in the Hinesburg community.  She has been attending Conservation Commission meetings for several months.

Andrea moved the Board vote to appoint Melissa Levy to fill a vacancy on the Conservation Commission for a term which will expire on September 30, 2004.  Second by John and approved.


Discussion of Road Issues on Proposed Mechanicsville Road Development (Giroux Property) / Russell Barone – Russell stated he has been before the DRB for sketch plan approval.  He discussed with the Board the possiblity of building the road accessing the development to Town standards and the Town then taking over the road.  Also discussed was the road that will later be built to connect the second stage of his development and the possibility of connecting to Lavigne Hill Rd.  Members of the Board will look at the area and discuss the issue to see if it is beneficial for the Town.


Baldwin Road Culvert / Bruce Johnson – The Johnsons had an engineer look at the culvert and the engineer found it to be raised in the middle and installed to high.  To eliminate the standing water problem, the elevation needs to be lowered and the culvert be pitched downhill across the road. 

John moved the Board vote to direct the road crew to excavate the culvert and re-set it to drain properly, second by Andrea and approved.

Rocky stated this can be done in conjunction with other work on Baldwin Rd this summer.


Other Business


Approve Warrants:  Jon moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer.  Second by Andrea and approved.


Continued Discussion of Proposed Update of Water Use Ordinance:  It was the consensus of the Board to charge a hook up fee to the main plus a fee for associated costs (labor and materials).     



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VTrans Cooperative Agreement / Recreation Path:  The Cooperative Agreement has been re-reviewed.  It appears that the only issue not included is the use of our gravel source.  The following statement has been included in the cooperative agreement under item #16 Funding Ration – Municipal Share:


      “Municipality shall utilize its own gravel supply as part of the required matching       funding source.  The State shall provide the municipality with the required gravel       specifications.  Prior to construction the municipality shall have the gravel tested       in accordance with State standards, to ensure that the gravel meets State       specifications”. 


Andrea  moved that the Board vote to approve the signing of the Cooperative Agreement with the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation for the advancement of Hinesburg STP BIKE (22)S as amended (the recreation path).  Second by Jon and approved.


 Discussion of Silver Street Bridge Grant Project:  Rocky and Jeanne have individually ranked the seven proposals received on this project.  After input from the other members of the Selection Committee (Randy and Lynn), interviews will be scheduled for the first week of May.  


Approval of Use of Compensatory Time:  According to the Town of Hinesburg Personnel Policy, the Selectboard must review and approve an employee’s request to utilize more than eight consecutive hours of compensatory time.  The following employees have requested use of the time noted over the next two weeks.  All employees listed have adequate compensatory time to allow this usage:


      Peter Erb – 20 Hours

      Rocky Martin – 32 Hours

      Beth Sengle – 20 Hours

      Jeanne Wilson – 48 Hours



Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the requests for use of compensatory time as listed.  Second by Jon and approved.


Sale of Town Items / Hinesburg Yard Sale Day:  Jeanne will be doing some housekeeping and will put items no longer needed and used at the Town Hall in the Town’s Yard Sale.






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Additions to the Agenda


 American Diabetes Association / Tour de Cure Rest Stop:  The American Diabetes Association is requesting permission to again conduct the Tour de Cure through Hinesburg, and to set up a rest stop (including a port-o-let) at the town commons.  The date of the Tour de Cure is May 19th, and the rest stop will be manned by members of the Hinesburg Lions Club.  The port-o-let will be delivered on Friday, May 17th and picked up on Monday, May 20th.


John moved that the Board vote to approve the request from the American Diabetes Association to hold the Tour de Cure in Hinesburg on May 19, 2002, and to

set up a rest stop (including a port-o-let) at the town commons.  Second by Jon and approved.


Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 8:25 p.m., second by Andrea and approved.



Respectfully submitted,


Valerie Spadaccini, secretary