Selectboard Meeting

July 15,2002

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Attending the meeting:  Lynn Gardner, Randy Volk, John Guttler, Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Jeanne Wilson, Rocky Martin, Michael Anthony and family, Cheryl


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Highway Foreman Michael Anthony / 20 Year Employment Anniversary

Lynn presented Mike with a plaque and gift certificate in appreciation of his 20 yr employment anniversary with the Town of Hinesburg.


Other Business


Approve Warrants:  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer.  Second by Jon and approved.


Approve Minutes of July 1, 2002: John moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of July 1, 2002.  Second by Jon and approved with Randy abstaining.


      Discussion of Wastewater Allocation Ordinance and Sewer Service Area:                       

      Rocky reported that he spoke with Jim Howley of Llewelly  Howley engineering firm.  The

      State wants the Town to do a build out of existing flows and allocations before looking at        

      update of the plant.   Rocky stated this means the Town needs to define the sewer service   

      area.  The Board and Rocky discussed what would be included.


Agreement with Fothergill, Segale & Valley for Professional Audit Services:  The Town received the engagement letter from the accounting firm of Fothergill, Segale & Valley for professional audit services for the next three fiscal years.  This audit firm, with the assistance of Accounting Assistant Joe Cioffi, has done an excellent job on providing professional audit services at a competitive price.  The fees they have agreed upon for the next three years are as follows:


            Fiscal Year                w/ single audit                financial audit only

            01 – 02        $6,500                      $5,500

            02 – 03        $6,750                      $5,750

            03 – 04        $7,000                      $6,000


Jon moved that the Board vote to authorize the chairman to sign the engagement letter with the accounting firm of Fothergill, Segale & Valley for professional audit services for FY 01 – 02 through FY 03 – 04, as outlined in the engagement letter dated July 2, 2002.   

           Second by Andrea.  Discussed was going for 1 yr with this firm and then bidding the  

           audit.  Jon moved to amend the motion to read services for FY 01 –02 and John second  

           the amended motion recognizing the price of the 1st year quoted may be different for a 1   

           yr contract.  Motion as amended voted and approved.


Appointment of Fire Chief & Establish Stipend Amount: Jon reported it was the consensus of the Fire Officers that the stipend amount is to be $100 for the Fire Chief.


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Approval to Serve Alcohol at the Fire Station for Meacham Wedding Reception on July 20, 2002:  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve Rebecca Meacham’s request for permission to serve alcohol at a private wedding reception on July 20, 2002 from 11 AM to 4 PM with the following conditions:

-         A responsible person over 21 years of age will be designated to be “in charge” of the event and to monitor alcohol use at the event to make sure there is no underage drinking and that intoxicated persons do not drive; and

-         A “Don’t Drink and Drive” poster shall be posted at the entrance to the event naming the responsible person and offering the services of the responsible person to arrange safe trips home.

 Second by John and approved.


Update on Re-adoption of Town Plan Process:  copies were given to Board members for review.


Meeting Schedule for September:  According to the time line for adoption of the Town Plan, the Selectboard will be holding two public hearings in September.

The Board agreed to meet 2nd and 4th Mondays in Sept along with the Public Hearing on Wednesday Sept 18th.


Update on Town Planner Search:  The Selection Committee is recommending Alex Weinhagen as the candidate for the Town Planner Position.  Alex currently works part-time as Town Planner for the Town of Westford, and is looking for another planner position.  Alex will be meeting with the Planning Commission on Wednesday (July 17th).  Following this meeting, the Commission will be forwarding a recommendation to the Selectboard.  The Selectboard will hold a brief meeting next Monday  (July 22) to meet with Alex Weinhagen.


Set Tax Rate for FY 02-03:   Randy moved that the Board vote to set the Property Tax Rate for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002 at $ 2.74 / $100 valuation.  (Municipal = $ 0.6005, State Education Property Tax = $1.1694, and Local Share Education Taxes = $0.9701).  Second by John and approved.


Designation of Voting Delegate for VLCT Annual Business Meeting:  VLCT will hold its annual business meeting at Town Fair at the Killington Conference Center on Thursday, September 26, 2002.  Jeanne is planning to attend the Town Fair, and has been the voting delegate for the past two years.  Jeanne would enjoy serving in this capacity again this year.


      Randy moved that the Board designate Jeanne Wilson as the Town of Hinesburg’s voting delegate at the Vermont League of Cities and Towns annual business meeting on September 26, 2002.  Second by Andrea and approved.


      Appointment of Representative to Chittenden County Regional Planning                                                                         

      Commission: The Board received a letter of interest in a re-appointment from Penrose  

      Jackson.  They have not yet received a letter of interest from Carolyn Fenn for the Alternate  

      Representative position.  The expiring term has been published and posted.  Randy moved  

      that the Board vote to appoint Penrose Jackson to the position of Hinesburg’s representative    

      to the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission for a two-year term, which will    

      expire on July 31, 2004.  Second by Jon and approved.

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Agreement with the State of Vermont for Computer Appraisal Services:  Jon moved that the Board vote to authorize the chairman to sign the proposed Letter of Agreement with the State of Vermont for computer appraisal services through a license of the Marshall and  Swift Cost Tables.  This agreement is for one year, expiring on June 30, 2003 and is for a cost of $135.00.  Second by Randy and approved.


 Additions to the Agenda


Agreement Letter with Michael Weisel, P.E. for Final Development of Road Standard and Professional Engineering Services:  Randy moved that the Board vote to authorize the chairman to sign the agreement letter with Michael Weisel, P.E. for engineering assistance to the Town at a rate of $55.00/hour.  These services will include finalizing the Road Standards and Policy (estimated maximum hours to complete this task = 25 hours).  In addition, Mr. Weisel would charge the same rate if requested to provide additional engineering assistance. Second by John and approved.


Project Agreement with Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation  for Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant:  (This is the grant which the Recreation Department has secured for renovations and improvements to the basketball court at the Wainer Community Park). The Town’s matching portion is 50% which will be approx $30,000; $16,000 will come from the school , $5,000 from the Wainers, some from the recreation budget and fund raising activities.  John moved that the Board vote to authorize the chairman to sign the project agreement dated July 15, 2002 with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation for the Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant for improvements to the basketball court at the Wainer Community Park.   Second by Andrea and approved.


Networking of Town Hall Computers:  The final cost for networking the Town Hall computers through Computer Services of Vermont, Inc., including a support contract, equals $11,545.  Attached is a summary of fund sources in the FY 01-02 budget.  In addition, Jeanne recommended applying $1,000 of the cost towards the FY 02-03 budget for the support contract.  Jon moved that the Board vote to approve the expenditure of FY 01-02 funds in the amount of $10,545 for the purpose of providing the necessary computer network services, hardware and software for the Town Hall.  Second by John and approved. 


Complaint Regarding Terry  & Marlene Hart’s Dog:  The Board reveiwed a letter from Hinesburg Community Police Chief Chris Morrell, no action taken at this time.


Outgoing Correspondence

Letter to Paul Dunkling of Hayden Hill Road West, regarding necessary work to clean out culvert on his property (end of culvert is out of the Town’s right-of-way).


Letters of appreciation to Joe & Peg Cioffi and Brad Wainer for clean up to Town commons park and veterans monument.


Letter of appreciation to July 4th Committee.


Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 8:40 p.m., second by Andrea and approved.