Selectboard Meeting

July 22, 2002

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Attending the meeting: Lynn Gardner, Andrea Morgante, Jon Trefry, John Guttler, Randy Volk, Jeanne Wilson, Michael Anthony, Stewart Pierson, Alex Weinhagen.


The meeting was called to order at 6:59 PM by Board Chairman Lynn Gardner.


Stewart Pierson asked for the Board’s input on his performance as reporter to the Hinesburg Record.  Stewart is now in his fifth year of reporting.  It was the consensus of the Board that Stewart does an excellent job and that he should continue with the same format.


Appointment of Town Planner:  The Board interviewed Alex Weinhagen of Westford, the candidate for the Town Planner position recommended by the Planner Selection Committee and the Planning Commission.  Alex currently works as Planner for the Town of Westford, and will be working part-time for both communities.  Andrea moved that, at the recommendation of the Town Planner Search Committee and the Planning Commission, the Board vote to appoint Alex Weinhagen as Hinesburg’s Town Planner, as outlined in the letter of employment dated July 22, 2002.  Seconded by Randy and approved.


Discussion of Summer Road Projects:  Highway Foreman Michael Anthony gave an explanation of the work required to renovate the Baldwin Road bridge over Lewis Creek.   The beams will need to be scraped and painted and the cement deck will need to be removed and the surface paved. He explained that it would be more cost effective to time this project with the summer road paving projects, instead of having the paving company come out to pave the small expanse.  Due to the contractor’s work load, the prep work for the bridge paving will not be able to be completed in time for this summer’s paving projects.  Michael recommended that the project be scheduled for next summer, to coincide with the paving schedule, and that the reconstruction funds for this fiscal year be used to pave portions of Pond Road and Shelburne Falls Road, as well as apply the top coat to Tyler Bridge Road.  The Board agreed that this was a very reasonable project plan and instructed Michael to proceed with obtaining paving bids for the three paving jobs.


Jon Trefry thanked Michael and the highway crew for their work on re-positioning the culvert in front of the Johnson residence on Baldwin Road.  The culvert was lowered at least 9”.


Transfer of 1983 Chevrolet Blazer to Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council:  As discussed at the May 20, 2002 meeting, the police department would like to donate the 1983 Chevrolet Blazer to the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council in exchange for $2,500 worth of future tuition fees.  Randy moved that the Board vote to authorize the chairman to sign over the Certificate of Title and Registration Certificate for the Blazer.  Seconded by John and approved.


Randy moved that the Board vote to adjourn at 8:00 PM, seconded by Andrea and approved.


Respectfully Submitted,




Jeanne Kundell Wilson

Hinesburg Town Administrator