Selectboard Meeting

August 19, 2002

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Attending the meeting: Lynn Gardner, Andrea Morgante, John Guttler, Jeanne Wilson, Eric and Ginger Johnson, Russell Barone, Sandy Wynne.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Eric and Ginger Johnson were present to request the Board to initiate a cat ordinance for the Town. For the past two years they have had a problem with a neighbors cat killing birds, killing bats, leaving feces on their beach, and keeping them awake at night fighting and running on their roof. They have spoken to the neighbor who states they cannot keep the cat in at night. The Johnsons have called the police who have spoken with the neighbors but admit there is little they can do, as there is no ordinance regarding cats.


Andrea stated the Board can check if there is a State ordinance and what jurisdiction the police have. Also can check into State Statutes regarding disturbing the peace.

Sandy Wynne noted that there is a State Statute regarding peaceful enjoyment of your property that has been used in Burlington.


Russell Barone / Sidewalks on Mechanicsville Road

Russell was at the meeting to discuss the time frame of installation of sidewalks. He has requested the DRB allow installation at a later date.

The sidewalk on Mechanicsville Rd involves class 3 wetlands and he will be installing two culverts to deal with that.

He feels homeowners on the private rd will have plenty of room on the roadside as he will be constructing a 20 ft wide paved road which should be able to handle pedestrian traffic till further development is completed.

The Board will send a memo to the DRB stating that sidewalks are to be installed as a part of the permit condition but to allow flexibility on a time line of building the sidewalks, recognizing that the sidewalk on the private road and the Town road may have different criteria triggering construction dates.


Other Business


Approve Warrants: John moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Andrea and approved.

Act 250 Municipal Impact Questionnaire for CVU Storage & Maintenance Building: John moved that the Board vote to authorize the Chairperson to sign the Act 250 Municipal Impact Questionnaire for applicant Chittenden South Supervisory District for the CVU Storage and Maintenance Building. Second by Andrea and approved.



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Proposed Update of Hinesburg Town Plan: The Planning Commission held a public hearing on August 14, 2002. No comments were received and the Commission voted to approve the updated Town Plan. The proposed Town Plan is being simultaneously submitted to CCRPC and the Selectboard for approval, per letter dated August 15, 2002 from Planning Commission Chairperson Jean Isham. The Selectboard will hold two public hearings on the proposed update, on September 18th and one on September 23rd.


Release of Dispatch Service Fees for Police, Fire and First Response: The Town has received invoices from Shelburne Dispatch for dispatch services for the police, fire and first response for FY 02 03. The invoice amounts and budget amounts are as follows:



Request Budget

Police $18,000 $10,500

Fire $3,963 $4,000

First Response $5,680 $4,000


Total $27,643 $18,500

In a letter dated 1/21/02 from the Hinesburg Selectboard to the Shelburne Selectboard,

the Board advised that $18,500 was budgeted for dispatch fees for FY 02 03, and that

this represented an 88% increase in cost. It was also noted that an increase in excess

of 88% would be unacceptable.

Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the expenditure of $18,500, as approved

by the voters at Town Meeting in March 2002, for police, fire and first response dispatch

fees for FY 02 03 payable to Shelburne Dispatch. Second by John and approved.


Additions to the Agenda


VTrans 1999 Enhancement Grant / Traffic Calming in front of HCS Jeanne will draft a letter to the engineer who was hired to work on this project notifying him that he is being let go for failure to perform as stated in his contract.

She will also begin the process to find a new engineer .


John moved the Board vote to adjourn at 8:00 p.m., second by Andrea and approved.



Respectfully submitted,


Valerie Spadaccini, secretary