Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee

Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2008

Committee Members Present: Rocky Martin, Carl Bohlen, Julie Pierson, Bruce Wheeler, Andrew Burton, Kellie Stoll, Alan Norris, Dale Wernhoff.

Also Present: Alex Weinhagen

The meeting came to order at approximately 6:10 PM (special time to accommodate Alex).

Report on Status of Inclusionary Zoning: Alex Weinhagen, the Director for Planning and Zoning for the Town of Hinesburg, updated us on the Selectboard’s discussions on Inclusionary Zoning. The Planning Commission for the town of Hinesburg received the inclusionary zoning proposals in April 2007. They took comments in May and fine tuned the proposal, and then took further comments in October. After some final fine tuning the proposal was presented to the Selectboard on 1/9/08. The proposal was also added to the town’s web site under the title “Planning Commission Proposal”. The next steps are for the Selectboard to revise it as they see fit, warn a public hearing with a formal notice, have the public hearing, and then incorporate any comments. All comments go to the Selectboard; the Planning Commission and the Development Review Board (DRB) are both out of the picture now. Alex said he was willing to help out the process however he needs to so Jeanne (Jeanne Kundell Wilson, the Town Administrator for the Town of Hinesburg) isn’t stuck doing everything.

A discussion of some of the items in the proposal ensued. Alex stated the town wasn’t just looking for the base density of housing that was allowable but rather the maximum density. With that in mind Alan said it would be good to have increased bonus for density. Also discussed: keeping bedroom quantities the same between all units, affordable or not, a reduction in floor area for the affordable units, and using different finish material. Page 25 of the proposal does in fact mention minimum square foot requirements.

Kellie asked how we could help a developer work with Champlain Housing Trust (CHT), a nonprofit organization that strives for affordable housing and that the town would partner with to manage the process. Alex explained the process to get to that point. First a Sketch Plan is brought before the DRB, which is a very basic plan showing the general layout of the development. If that passes then a Preliminary Plat Review is the next step. This is a to-scale plan of the development with most of the information on the project. At this point there is still no CHT contract. That is the next step, where the town would have an agreement with CHT stating that CHT will administer any long term work on managing the affordable housing units.

Alex didn’t know if the Affordable Housing Committee was a “forever” group. Carl said he could see us being perpetual. Andrew said he doesn’t plan on being on the committee forever but could see the committee surviving. Alex explained he wanted to know the status of the committee so he could determine whether or not to write in a reference to the committee in the proposal.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 PM.

Next Meeting –

April 10th – Agenda for this meeting was not discussed.

Respectfully submitted

Dale Wernhoff