Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee

Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2008

Committee Members Present: Rocky Martin, Bruce Wheeler, Carl Bohlen, Julie Pierson, Alan Norris, Andrew Burton, Dale Wernhoff.

The meeting came to order at approximately 7:05 PM.

Review of article for The Hinesburg Record: Kellie has written an article for The Hinesburg Record that will be submitted on May 2nd for publication in the next issue (please refer to the April 10, 2008 minutes for additional article information). There were a couple of minor additions we decided to do. Rocky got sales data from the town grand list on residence sales from 4/1/07 to 3/31/08. We would like to include some of this data or data from the publication “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (see 4/10/08 minutes) in the article. For a follow up article in the next issue we would like to get the previous year’s data to compare the 2008 grand list to the 2007 grand list. We also want to include information on mobile home sales in town in addition to the house and condominium information, and list all of this information separately. Carl mentioned that the state may reclassify mobile homes so that they won’t depreciate like they currently do.

Guest Speaker Postponed: David Carse, a local developer, was invited to tonight’s meeting but had to cancel. He was to discuss a development that he is planning east of route 116 and north of Geprag’s Park. We will try to reschedule him for a later date.

Brief discussion of Mechanicsville Road Development: There is a new development going in east of the Mechanicsville Road/Commerce Street intersection. It will have 57 units. 32 will be elderly (over 55) housing in four 8-unit buildings. The 25 remaining units will be free standing housing, starting at $340,000. It will be built in multiple phases. The full 57 unit time frame is unknown but it was guessed it would take about four years.

Brief discussion of Out of State Housing Prices: Alan talked about housing prices in the Carolinas, where he will soon be moving for work. The prices are much cheaper. $210,000 buys you a single family home with an attached two bay garage and bonus room above (no mention of square footage). Property taxes on a residence like this are $1200 a year. By comparison, Alan’s Silver Street condominiums sold for similar money but the property taxes are approximately three times as much.

Discussion of Potential Affordable Housing Site: As discussed at the April 10th meeting, there is an 11 acre lot off Buck Hill Road East that currently has one housing unit on it. The Housing Foundation, Inc. owns the lot and the Mountain View Mobile Home Park across the street. They are a subsidiary of the Vermont State Housing Authority. It was noted that if we go for a Planned Residential Development (PRD) here then we could get additional units over what current zoning will allow. Bruce was wondering what kinds of affordable housing units to put in – mobile homes, small homes, modular homes, or something else. It was decided that we should walk the site at our next meeting to check it out and see if this might work at all before investing too much time.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 PM.

Next Meeting –

June 5th – Walk the Buck Hill Road East site and then return to the town hall to discuss further.

Respectfully submitted

Dale Wernhoff