Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2008

Committee Members Present: Rocky Martin, Carl Bohlen, Julie Pierson, Bruce Wheeler, Dale Wernhoff.

Also Present: David Carse and Dan Bromley

The meeting came to order at approximately 7:10 PM.

Guest Speakers: David Carse and Dan Bromley came to discuss David’s project that is in the works north of the village. It is located on the Ballard Farm west of Route 116 and north of Geprag Park on Shelburne Falls Road. David was very interested in working with the committee to provide affordable housing.  The main problem is how to make some units affordable while providing David with some profit (if possible) so late in the planning process and at the same time meeting the conditions set forth by the Development Review Board.

Hinesburg FY09-10 Budget: The Affordable Housing Committee will request $5000 in funds in the town budget. Approximately half of this amount is to finance a formal Housing Needs Assessment for the town. The remainder will be put towards a Planning Grant for the Buck Hill Road East property discussed at the June 5, 2008 meeting. This grant would require matching funds from another source (to be determined).

LaPlatte Headwaters Conservation Initiative on Bissonette Farm: It appears the Hinesburg Land Trust has covered their costs on this project without needing to sell any building lots. Initially there was the potential for some affordable housing on this land. Rocky will verify this with the Land Trust.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 PM.


Next Meeting - November 6, 2008 - Agenda not discussed.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale Wernhoff