Selectboard Meeting

October 20, 2008

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Doug Olufsen, Fred Silber, Steve Button, Kayhon Bahar, Frank Koss, Chris Morrell, Stewart and Julie Pierson, Karen Tronsgard Scott.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Kayhon Bahar / Employment Interview / Water & Wastewater Operator: Kayhon currently works for the town of Richmond’s’ water and wastewater department.  He is licensed at a grade 4 for water and just tested for grade 2 in wastewater.    Based on the recommendation of Water & Wastewater Superintendent Steve Button and Town Administrator Jeanne Wilson, Howard moved that the Board vote to offer the position of Water & Wastewater Operator to Kayhon Bahar, as outlined in the employment letter dated October 20, 2008.  Second by Ken and approved.

Doug Olufsen / Six-Month Review of Police Department Data Collection Project –

Doug’s data included 4500 hours of work time.  He had 2 sets of data; one version showing Chris Battaile’s time at the academy and one with customary training time.

Approx 200 hours of patrol time was logged.

Randy asked Chris if anything in the data was not expected or was this what he expected to see.   Chris said this was typically what he expected, he generally has a gut feeling on where time is being used.

Fred said as a supervisor he feels the report provided good information on time management as well as consistency and accountability.

Andrea said it is good to see that in the administrative category there is a large percentage that includes police work.  Doug pointed out that the administrative category does not include the administrative assistant position. 

Howard pointed out that in the strategic plan it was recommended to increase administrative time.  Frank said the administrative assistant is learning and taking on duties that is freeing up time for the officers.

It was the consensus of the Board there is value to continue with activity log and for Doug to report to the Board on a quarterly basis.

Karen Tronsgard Scott / Interview for Appointment to Recreation Commission-

Karen said she was previously involved with Rotary and through that worked on planning on a Park Board and did grant writing.  She attended last weeks Recreation Commission meeting.

Stewart Pierson of Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity / CDBG Grant for Feasibility Study / East Buck Hill Road Development Project – 

Stewart was present representing the site selection committee for Habitat and Julie was present representing the Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee.

This request has been included in the planning and zoning budget marked Mountain View Site Evaluation. The application will be administered by the Affordable Housing Committee under Rocky. The grant will provide information as to what the lot can sustain for housing, if any. There is an agreement with the current owner regarding purchase of the lot.  At the end of the grant process Habitat will take over by purchasing the land and take the project through the permitting process.

Other Business

Approve Warrants:  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of October 6, 2008:  Jon moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of October 6, 2008 as amended.  Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of October 13, 2008 Budget Work Session:  Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2008 budget work session as amended. Second by Andrea and approved with Randy abstaining. 

Bissonette Town Forest / Approval of State Construction General Permit for Earth Disturbance Work:  In cooperation with NRCS, ANR and other partners, the Bissonette Town Forest Committee is planning to excavate six “ditch plugs” to restore the micro-topography and wetland habitat in the Bissonette Town Forest.  This activity will create approximately one acre of earth disturbance.  Earth disturbance (not related to silvicultural or agricultural activity) of an acre or more requires a stormwater discharge permit from ANR.  As the landowner, the Town must apply as the permittee.  Randy moved that the Board vote to authorize the chair to sign the Notice of Intent for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activity on Low Risk Sites Under Vermont Construction General Permit 3-9020, as prepared and dated 10/20/08. Second by Howard and approved.

“No Parking” Zone on Pond Road / CVU Playing Fields:  Discussion on whether the Town should create an official and enforceable No Parking Zone on Pond Road, along the CVU playing fields.  Prohibiting parking along the roadside is a condition of the site plan approval for the CVU parcel. It was the consensus of the Board that parking should continue to be the responsibility of CVU.  Jeanne will draft a letter, copy to go to Peter Erb as ZA, for the Board to review at the next meeting.

Winter Parking Ban / Proposed Revision Language:  Chief Chris Morrell has proposed revised language for the winter parking regulations. 

The Board reviewed the current and proposed language and agreed for it to read.

No person shall park a vehicle on or in or adjacent to any road or street or other place open to the general circulation of vehicles, so as to interfere with snow removal or plowing.  Such vehicle may be towed away at the expense of the owner thereof.

Randy suggested having the Town Attorney review the revised wording of the ordinance.

Winter Maintenance of Creekside Roads and Sidewalks:  Work to address drainage issues on Creekside Roads (Farmall Drive and Fredric Way) has been completed, and the Road Foreman advises that the catch basins are working effectively.  The Town will not take over ownership of the roads until the end of the warranty period, but the Selectboard had previously indicated that the Town would assume winter maintenance of the roads and sidewalks once the work was completed to address the drainage issue.

Ken moved the Board vote that the Town take over winter plowing, sanding, and salting the roads and sidewalks as needed in Creekside beginning November 1, 2008 understanding the Town will not take ownership till satisfactory completion of the warranty period.  Second by Howard and approved.

Appointment to Planning Commission:  The Board met with Timothy Clancy at the 10/6 meeting to review his interest in an appointment to the Planning Commission.  Due to a job change, another interested applicant, Ashley Orgain, will be unable to meet with the Board to discuss her interest at this time.  She may be able to meet with the Board for the next round of Board appointments in January 2009.  There have been no other letters of interest in an appointment at this time.  Ken moved that the Board vote to appoint Timothy Clancy to the Planning Commission to fill a vacancy with a term which expires on January 1, 2012.  Second by Randy and approved.

Appointment to the Recreation Commission:  Howard move that the Board vote to appoint Karen Tronsgard-Scott to the Recreation Commission to fill a vacancy with a term which expires on January 1, 2010.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Adoption of Resolution for FY 2008 Municipal Planning Grant:  The  Planning Commission plans to submit an application for the 2008 Municipal Planning Grant for funds to help in updating/revision of the Town Plan in 2009 and 2010 (limited consulting/professional assistance, town-wide mailings, printing costs, etc.)  The 2005 Town Plan needs to be updated and re-adopted by June 2010.  The Planning Commission plans to propose it be re-adopted largely as is, but with updates on a few sections (e.g., village growth area, energy & sustainability section, transportation), especially the implementation section to account for progress since the 2005 plan, and a new set of priority goals/recommendations based on that.  Ken moved that the Board vote to adopt the resolution for the 2008 Municipal Planning Grant as prepared and dated October 20, 2008.  Second by Howard and approved.

Caterer’s Request to Serve Alcohol / Roland’s Place:  Howard moved that the Board vote to convene as the Board of Liquor Control, second by Andrea and approved.  Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the request by Roland’s Place to cater a reception on October 16, 2008 at the National Bank of Middlebury on Commerce Street with malt and vinous beverages and spirituous liquors.  Second by Ken and approved.  Howard moved that the Board vote to adjourn as the Board of Liquor Control, second by Andrea and approved.

FY 09 – 10 Fire Protection Contract for the Town of St. George:  Andrea moved that the Board vote to sign the letter of budget request to the Town of St. George for the fire protection contract for FY 09 – 10.  Hinesburg’s request is in the amount of $10,775, and represents 15% of the fire department’s actual expense for the previous fiscal year. Second by Howard.  Randy questioned the cost to St. George being reduced as result of including the grant funding.  Jeanne will re-check the wording of the agreement and what the current expenses were.  Motion was withdrawn.

Other Board Member Items – Howard asked about the status of the village re-zoning proposal.  As he understands this has gone back to the Planning Commission as the 1 yr approval deadline was not met.  Jeanne said that is correct and the Planning Commission is now re-writing with changes requested by the Selectboard and will wait for the official map before holding public hearings again.

Addition to the Agenda

VLCT Resolution Opposing Proposed Cuts in Funding for the Local Highway Aid Program:  Howard moved that the Board vote to approve and sign a resolution prepared by VLCT opposing the proposed cuts in funding for the local highway aid program.  The signed resolution will be forwarded to Governor Douglas, Transportation Secretary David Dill and candidates for the Vermont Senate and House in our district.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Outgoing Correspondence

Letter of appreciation was signed by the Board to Donna Constantineau for her service on the Village Steering Committee and Affordable Housing Committee.

Howard moved the Board go into executive session for discussion of legal and personnel issues including correspondence to Saputo on proposal for wastewater treatment rates.  Second by Ken and approved.

Howard moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Ken and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

Copyright © 2008 Town of Hinesburg, Vermont.