NOVEMBER 10, 2008

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Mike Anthony, Steve Button, Rocky Martin,

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Board reviewed memo from Town Administrator regarding committee members to serve on an agency request review committee. The Board agreed to accept all 10 names on the list.The Board said they are looking to award a similar level of funding overall with whatever agencies are recommended. If they recommend a higher level of funding, information to justify that request should be sent to the Board.


HIGHWAY – reviewed with Mike Anthony.

Increase in professional services is related to engineering services to evaluate gravel roads. The Board asked Mike Anthony to meet with Mike Weisel and get information on this project to have available for residents at Town Meeting.

Removed funding for bridges and flood control – has not been needed for years.

Increased signs.$12,000 for a new signal system which will replace need for flaggers on some road work projects. $4500 for general sign replacement.

Vehicles / blades – increased due to pricing increase.

Winter – Salt was reduced to $30,000 in anticipation of less salt with use of salt brine.

Salaries – Andrea asked about any thoughts Mike had on reduction. Mike said on weekends there will only be 3 men on.

Blacktop – there was much discussion on how the grant program works and the fact that without State funds the Town will not be able to meet the upkeep schedule for paved roads

Howard suggested reducing excavating to $44,000 as need for flaggers will be reduced with purchase of signal light.

Capital budget – truck replacement / Mike is thinking of a smaller truck to handle plowing of Creekside and Thistle Hill. The current budget amount is for a single axle.

The Board asked Jeanne to check on what Creekside is currently paying for plowing. Andrea asked about sub contracting out the development areas that would require the smaller truck.

Road reconstruction – will budget at a $68 a ton price to do the 2” overlay on Pond Rd. Jeanne will check on the grant funding program requirements.

Texas Hill Bridge – the wooden decking needs replacing. Mike will check on the price to replace the decking and comparison to widen the bridge and put a concrete deck.


Reviewed breakdown of shared hours for Rocky, Jeanne, Cheryl and Missy. The Board wants to be sure these numbers are accurate.

Discussed looking at an adjustment to the water rates to have revenue cover expenditures.

Water capital expense – suggested to look at water connection fee and adjust for new source and increased capacity funding.

Steve said he will do a comparison cost to pump test the Town well and to connect to the Lyman Meadow well system. 

Sludge removal – Steve will get actual cost to see how close to the reserved funds it will be – may be able to reduce the $12,000 request for 09/10.

BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES – reviewed with Rocky.

Sidewalk construction – $1500 - this would go into the reserve fund to replace the $1500 to do engineer work now on the sidewalk connecting to the Community School. This is to have the information needed now to take advantage of funding if it comes available.

Sidewalk equipment – $12,305 - 1st payment of lease to own for ToolCat. Randy asked about sub contracting the sidewalk plowing. He asked to get a price for the current sidewalks plowed and also with additional sidewalks the Town will be taking over. Discussed was if this becomes a part of the highway at some point.

Reviewed with Jeanne;

SELECTBOARD – no notable changes

TOWN AGENT – level funded, actuals will depend on what comes before the Selectboard next year.

TOWN ADMINISTRATOR – agreed to a 6 hr week for assistant. Professional Development, Jeanne will submit an updated amount as her travel costs will be lower next year.

COMPUTERS – no notable changes.

PUBLIC HEALTH – level funded.

Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 10:50 p.m., second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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