Selectboard Meeting

November 17, 2008

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andre Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Marie Gardner, Frank Koss, Al Barber, Fred Silber, Brett Grabowski, Matt Cozza.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Marie Gardner / Discussion of Listers Assistant Position: Discussion continued from 11/3 meeting, pending recommendation from Board of Listers for appointment of Marie to Listers Assistant position. Written support has been received from Lister Andrew Dennison. Howard moved that the Board vote to offer the position of Listers Assistant to Marie Gardner, as outlined in the employment letter dated November 17, 2008. Second by Ken. Andrea asked if the current budget supports the change. Jeanne said it was taken into consideration last year when the current budget was submitted. Motion voted and approved.

Marie discussed briefly with the Board the personal property tax in Hinesburg. The listers have supported keeping the tax in the past due to Saputo. As most towns no longer have a personal property tax the listers are concerned this may be problematic to the sale of the Saputo property. To abolish the tax would require town wide vote.

Randy asked what revenue the Town would lose from other existing businesses in Town. Marie will get that information for the Board.

Hinesburg Police Department / Fitness Program – Fred said currently $2500 a year is allotted for fitness and relatively few officers are taking advantage.

In his proposal all officers and spouses can use the gym facility for a cost of $1200 a year. He would like to maintain the Cooper Institute standards. The Cooper Institute certification is currently done 2 times a year. There is no compensation for the first test but the 2nd one awards compensation for tasks successfully passed. Fred would recommend testing 4 times a year.

Howard asked about the option for training at the Fire Station as noted in the memo from Chris Morrell. Fred said it is good but does not have all the equipment offered in other gyms. The memo also suggests the CVU gym, but there are limited hours of access at this time.

Howard asked if the Fire Dept is looking to replace some of the old equipment as Al stated, would it make sense for the Police and Fire departments to work together on getting equipment.

Andrea said she like the idea of encouraging fitness for all Town employees. Jeanne noted that would fit in with the wellness program.

No decision was made as Al and Fred will look at what equipment can be added to the current equipment at the Fire Dept if they pool their resources. They will come back to the Board with updated information.

Brett Grabowski, Milot Realty and Matt Cozza, Kinney Drugs / Route 116 On-Street Parking – Brett and Matt were present to talk to the Selectboard about proposed changes to the intersection of Farmall Dr and Rt 116.

The sketch plan for the proposed drug store building project includes on street parking on Rt 116, a turn lane (slip lane) to allow an additional access into the lot, on street parking along Farmall Dr. and a right turn lane exiting Farmall Dr to Rt 116. Brett is looking to submit an application to AOT with the Selectboard signing as co-applicant. He would then receive a letter of intent from AOT to bring to the DRB supporting the design.

Jeanne said as the State does not maintain the on street parking in front of Town Hall the assumption is they will not maintain this proposed parking area. Brett said it would need to be maintained by the users of the lot.

Randy said he supports the basic idea of the on street parking and the one way slip lane.

Jon said the Selectboard can be supportive with the understanding that the DRB needs to put their stamp on the project.

Brett said a letter of support from the Board can state the understanding that the DRB has the final decision.

Andrea is concerned and needs more information on traffic implications – information for the 5 to 10 year horizon including the residential implications.

Brett said a traffic study has been done looking at Kinney and future use next to Kinney.

Howard said he would like an opinion from an engineer for the Town on the plan. He also reminded everyone that a decision has not yet been made to re-zone the area to allow this use.

Jon said the point that the public process is not complete needs to be considered.

Frank Koss said he can’t think of a better use for the property and signing the application allows a concept to go forward through the arduous government process. It would also send a message to Vt Gas that the Town supports this growth.

Randy said he feels making a limited statement is not by-passing the public process.

The Board had previously agreed that they would meet with Brett to hear his proposal but no decision would be made at this meeting. Brett asked if a decision can be made at the Dec 1st meeting. He will have the full application sent to the Board for review including the traffic study.

Other Business

Approve Warrants: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of November 3, 2008: Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of November 3, 2008 as corrected. Second by Randy and approved.

Minutes of November 10, 2008: Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of November 10, 2008. Second by Ken and approved.

Update from Wastewater Upgrade Project Committee: The Wastewater Upgrade Project committee met with Forcier Aldrich engineer Wayne Elliott on November 12.

The Board agreed to continue to proceed with full design at this time maintaining the option to proceed with only partial construction.

Randy said the engineers need to know by mid December if they are to proceed with the entire project.

Randy reviewed with the Board a scenario he worked up for wastewater increases that takes the Town through the next 9 years showing how the project could be paid for.

Howard said rates could fluctuate significantly and unpredictably as system fail.

Town Owned Shadow Lane Property / Discussion of Sale – Jeanne had information on the procedure to sell the property. The Board asked Jeanne to check into the taxes that were not collected over the years and find out if they are collectable as well as interest and penalties on the taxes due at time Town took over property.

Creekside Development / Completion of Phase 1 Warranty: Randy moved that the Board vote to recognize the completion of the Phase 1 warranty period for the Creekside Development. The Phase 1 warranty period began on February 1, 2006, and was successfully complete on February 1, 2008. The Phase 1 warranty period included the following:

Second by Ken and approved.

The Board noted this is a list of what is included in Phase 1, Jeanne will research and draft a motion regarding what items of the infrastructure the Town will be taking over.

Discussion of Impact Fees: Review 6/15/07 draft prepared by Michael Miller. Process for adoption is the same as any ordinance adoption (warn adoption as an agenda item for a regular meeting; immediately after the adoption, publish a notice in the BFP; if a petition is not filed, the ordinance becomes effective 60 days after adoption). This will be discussed at the Dec 1st meeting to allow Board members time to review the information from M. Miller.

Resolution for Increase Vehicle Weight Limits on Interstate Highways: Howard moved that the Board vote to approve and sign a resolution prepared by VLCT encouraging Congress to increase the federal weight limitations on interstate highways in Vermont to mirror those on interstate highways in neighboring states and provinces. Second by Ken and approved.

Overview of ICMA Conference / Reimbursement of Expenses / Jeanne Wilson: The Selectboard has been provided with a written summary of the 2008 ICMA Conference in Richmond, VA attended by Town Administrator Jeanne Wilson September 21 – 24, 2008. Howard moved that the Board vote to authorize a reimbursement payment of $1,587.86 from 440-3200-40.00 to Jeanne Wilson as reimbursement for costs associated with the annual ICMA Conference as budgeted. Second by Randy and approved.

Highway Foreman Michael Anthony has recommended that Steve Miller be promoted to Highway Maintainer I. As outlined in the union contract, upon promotion to Highway Maintainer I, an employee shall receive a 5% increase in hourly pay at the time of promotion or the minimum Maintainer I pay ($17.00) plus $.50/hour, whichever is greater. Steve’s current pay rate is $16.34. A 5% increase would be $17.16, so the greater would be $17.50. Randy moved that the Board vote to promote Highway Maintainer II Steve Miller to Highway Maintainer I, per the recommendation of Highway Foreman Michael Anthony, effective November 20, 2008 and with an increase in pay rate effective November 20, 2008 to $17.50/hour. Second by Andrea and approved.

Ken moved the Board go into executive session for personnel discussion, second by Howard and approved.

Ken moved the Board come out of executive session, second by Howard and approved.

Ken moved that the Board vote to approve a reimbursement to Steve Miller in the amount of $99.82 from 440-9705-00.00 for out-of-pocket medical costs. Second by Howard and approved.

Ken moved the Board adjourn, second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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