DECEMBER 8, 2008

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Sue Barden, Kathy Kjelleran, Gerry Livingston, Bill Marks

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Library budget reviewed with Sue and Kathy – Sue noted that in recent years they have requested $500 from the Town of St George; this is voted on at the St George Town Meeting and has in the past been approved. This is shown in received other income.

Howard asked about the deferred maintenance. Sue said an example is the roof replacement that will be done next year. The $3500 request will be covered by increasing the income by the same amount (no tax dollars will be used).

Jeanne was asked to check if the library can be included with the Town’s insurance under VLCT.

Sue was asked what is included in miscellaneous. She said this covers the VT Library Conference / contracted payroll costs / accountant fees. Discussed was that the amount seemed to be high for accounting work. Sue was not sure exactly what that included other than tax filing.

Sue also noted to keep costs down they are not giving employees a COLA for 09/10.

Cemetery – Jeanne increased contract services according to past increase percentages.

Lake Iroquois- level funded.

Land Trust – reduced to $3000

Fixed Costs – large increase in insurance due to workers comp. As this is included on the property insurance line it was discussed having workers comp as a separate line. Jeanne will get data regarding the rate we have of the 1.5 multiplier and the Town’s accident experience.

Health/Dental/Vision – due to several factors there is a reduction in cost.

Town Administrator – increased overall / salary increase now represents 5% time charged to W&WW from 10% previously – this also effects FICA and retirement and health care / professional development reduced / health care reduced by opt out (part of reduction off set due to salary shift from WW).

Town Clerk – increased to reflect new health care costs.

Planning & Zoning – benefit costs updated / special projects reduced by $10,000 to reflect tax dollars only.

Buildings & Facilities – salary now represents 25% time charges to W&WW from 40% previously – this also effects FICA, retirement and health care / sidewalk construction now $1,500 which replaces reserve funds to be used for engineering.

Purchase of Tool Cat was discussed. There will be time for a trial run with this before the budget is set which will give better information on how well it would work. Also noted was to try it in the summer to see how well it adapts to other tasks.

Police – dispatch increased / budget reviewed was without a new officer.

Capital budget – Police Department - moved the $10,000 for mobile data terminals out one year to 10/11; removed the $7,500 for new station, will include in Buildings & Facilities.

Fire / First Response – removed the $7,500 for site planning new station, will include in Buildings & Facilities. Moved the $15,000 to replace Med 100 out a year to the 10/11 and subsequent two years.

Conservation Commission – Gerry spoke about the 5 yr goal of the Town as it related to greenspace. He recommends staff support for the Commission on this project.

Reserve funds the commission holds will be used for educational awards.

Highway – will be sent back to the Highway Foreman to make cuts to reduce by $100,000.

Other business:

Meetings of the Agency Committee were discussed. Ken noted as they are making recommendations to the Selectboard and the Selectboard will be discussing those recommendations at their meeting, it will be reflected in the Selectboard minutes.

Randy moved the Board go into executive session for legal discussion, second by Andrea and approved.

Randy moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Andrea and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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