Agency Request Review Committee
Meeting Minutes - October 12, 2009

Hinesburg Town Office - 7:30 PM

Present: Wendi Stein, Kathleen Templin, Kate Schubart, Katharine Hikel

Officers elected:
Kate Schubart, Chair
Kathleen Templin, Vice-chair
Katharine Hikel, Secretary

Wendi Stein, Associate Secretary

The Committee discussed and clarified our awards policy: Priority consideration is to be given to those service agencies located in Hinesburg and those serving Hinesburg residents. Letters requesting applications will go out to agencies that have qualified for Town funds in one or both of the past two years.

The Committee will consider new applications from previously unfunded agencies which have served Hinesburg residents.

There was discussion about whether the application should include estimates of needs for the coming year. For practical reasons, the application form will continue to focus on services already provided to the town.
The Committee looked over requests already received, reviewed and suggested small changes to the letter of request and information form (attached) and set the calendar for our 2010-2011 awards process:

    October 23 - mailing of forms & letter
    December 4 - response deadline
    December 14 - decision meeting
    December 31 - awards deadline

Respectfully  submitted,

Katharine Hikel