Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2010

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Wayne Bissonette, John Lyman, Margery Sharp, David and Barbara Lyman, Nancy Goddard, George Bedard, Jim and Sam Collins, Tom Lyman, Steve Russell, Rocky Martin, Fred Silber, Al Barber

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

George Bedard asked about the lag in time for meeting recordings to be available for viewing on line. Vermont Community Access is working on this.

Wayne Bissonette / Comments on Proposed Flood Hazard Zoning Regulations: The Selectboard will be discussing and accepting public comment on the proposed flood hazard zoning regulations at the June 7 meeting. Wayne and a few other residents requested to be on the agenda for this meeting to share their comments at this time.

Wayne opened the comments by saying the Town has supported the idea of a west side road, if the new flood hazard zoning is approved the road will not be able to be built. He asked why the change to the flood hazard area when the current mapped area has been working and the Town has been working to encourage development in that area and now it will no longer be able to be developed. As far as the master plan, Wayne said regardless of zoning regulations if the DRB requests one you must have one done to develop.

Jim said the flood plain will make it more difficult to get affordable housing as you will not be able to put it in the area previously designated. Land that could have been used for recreational space will now be designated to affordable housing making housing more costly.

George said by definition of flood way and flood way fringe – you want nothing in the flood way area – it is the fringe area that is seriously affected with limitations. Now the whole flood hazard is considered one piece flood way and fringe.

David said that at least half of the Saputo property is in the flood hazard area which will greatly restrict what a new owner can do on that property.

Andrea said at the June 7 meeting there will be representatives from the State to review this and answer questions.

Jim stated that Alex Weinhagen pointed out at a Planning Commission meeting that this proposal will be very restrictive.

Barb Lyman asked why the Town is going above and beyond what State and Federal requirements are? This does not seem to benefit the Town and it will hurt taxpayers.

Wayne wanted to be sure the Selelctboard looks carefully at the proposed changes.

Al Barber said that in 1990 a culvert was replaced on Leavensworth Rd and the new culvert was set higher to the prior one which has unintentionally expanded that area of wetlands. He said Mike Anthony has all the records on that. (Subsequent to the meeting, Al corrected his statement to say the issue was the width of the culvert, not the height).

Wayne left a written request with the Board that he and all signers of the request receive copies of all written materials in regards to this issue.

Barb said they were not aware of the Planning Commissions proposed flood hazard area zoning changes until after the fact.

Andrea said FEMA sends maps to the Town for review and there is back and forth communications between FEMA and the Town regarding the maps.

Steve Russell, Town Forest Committee / Committee Finances: Steve has been elected as treasurer of the newly formed Town Forest Committee, and wished to start off by having a discussion with the Board regarding committee finances. Steve said he is assistant Chair of the Committee and agreed to act as treasurer for the time being. Steve would like to have the Town Treasurer take over the Town Forest bank account but still have access for use by the Committee. Steve said there is currently $5910.98 in the account according to bank records but there is a discrepancy of about $72.00 between the bank records and his records. Andrea noted that as a part of the Management Plan it can be written what acceptable use of the funds is. Howard moved the Board vote to create a Town Forest account to be managed by the Town Treasurer with recommendation from the Town Forest Committee. Second by Ken and approved.

The Board advised Steve there is no need for him to look back over some 20 yrs of records to find the discrepancy; they will accept the banks figures.

Director of Buildings & Facilities Rocky Martin / Discussion of CPG Application for Potential Municipal Solar Tracker Array – Rocky is looking for approval to file the Certificate of Public Good for the project. There is no cost for the application and there is no obligation to actually do the project. The Board was in favor of proceeding with the application.

Andrea asked if there is any option for moving the trackers around. Rocky can look into other possible locations.

Ken moved the Board go into executive session including Jeanne Wilson, Fire Chief Al Barber & Police Chief Fred Silber for Discussion of Legal & Personnel Issue. Second by Howard and approved.

Ken moved the Board come out of executive session, second by Howard and approved.

Other Business

Approve Warrants: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Andrea and approved.

Minutes of May 10, 2010 Meeting: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the May 10, 2010 meeting as amended. Second by Andrea and approved.

Minutes of May 17, 2010 Meeting: Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the May 17, 2010 meeting. Second by Ken and approved.

Appointment to CSWD Representative and Alternate Representative: Terms of appointment for Tom Nostrand as representative and Lynn Gardner as alternate representative to the Chittenden Solid Waste District Board expire at the end of May. Tom is unable to continue as representative due to an overseas work assignment. Lynn is interested in moving from the alternate representative to the representative position. This will leave a vacancy in the alternate representative position. Ken moved that the Board vote to appoint Lynn Gardner as the representative to the Chittenden Solid Waste District Board for a two-year term, which will expire on May 31, 2012. Second by Andrea and approved.

Vermont Gas Systems / Buried Utility Permit: This is a request to install a natural gas line in the right of way on Mechanicsville Road to access a residence located at 18 Mechanicsville Road. Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the buried utility permit application of Vermont Gas Systems to install natural gas line in the Town’s right-of-way on Mechanicsville Road (Tax Map # 20-50-12.00) as outlined in the permit dated 5/3/10, subject to the terms and conditions placed on the permit by the Highway Foreman and all state and local permits governing the development of this parcel.  Second by Andrea and approved with Randy abstaining.

Saputo Site Interim Zoning / Planning for Public Hearing: The Board reviewed and discussed the proposed language for revisions to the Saputo Site Interim Zoning at its May 10 meeting, and requested some minor changes. The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed language at its May 12 meeting, and had no further changes. Alex Weinhagen has incorporated the Selectboard changes, and forward a new draft to the Board. Statute outlines the following process for adoption of interim zoning (or changes thereof):

- Publication of notice of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation not less than 15 days prior to date of hearing;

- Posting of the notice in three or more public places not less than 15 days prior to date of hearing

Randy advised the Board that he is part of a committee looking at uses for the land behind the Fire Dept (lot 1). They specifically are considering it for a Town Park and public gathering space.

The Board discussed the option of not setting a date for the public hearing till both committees (lot 1 and Saputo Redevelopment) get together on this.

The Board agreed to warn the public hearing for June 21, 2010 and requested the two committees work on this and meet prior to the public hearing.

Planning for Appointment of CCTA Representatives: With the approval by voters to join the Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) at Town Meeting in March, the Selectboard needs to appoint two people to represent Hinesburg on the CCTA Board as of July 1, 2010. CCTA Board members serve three-year terms. The Board meets the 4th Wednesday of every month, at the CCTA administrative office, located at 15 Industrial Parkway in Burlington. Jeanne will check with Karla Munson and Hinesburg Rides to see if there is any interest. Jon and Andrea are interested in serving on the CCTA Board.

Other Board Member Items – Andrea asked about possible other sites for a solar array.

Howard asked about the status of the Baptist Lot tax exemption issue. Jeanne said she is still working on this and will get all the documentation gathered so far for the Board to review.

Addition to the Agenda

VTrans Request Form / Request for Town Highway Program Funds: A grant reconciliation report and request for funds has been submitted to VTrans for reimbursement for the Class 2 Paving Program for Pond Road.  Howard moved that the Board vote to sign the Town Highway Program Funds grant request form, which requests reimbursement in the amount of $60,669.27 from the Class 2 Paving Program for paving on Pond Road. Second by Randy and approved.

Selectboard meeting schedule: July 12 and 26; August 2, 16 and 30; September 20.

Howard moved the Board vote to go into executive session including Jeanne Wilson for discussion of legal and personnel issues. Second by Ken and approved.

Howard moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Ken and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

Upcoming Meeting Schedule and Agendas

June 7th Meeting

6:30 PM – Swearing In Ceremony for Police Chief & Deputy Police Chief

7:00 PM – Public Meeting on Corridor Improvement Project

7:45 PM – Presentation by LaPlatte Watershed Partnership

8:15 PM – Discussion of Flood Hazard Zoning Regulations in preparation for warning a public hearing

Adoption of Ordinance / Speed on Route 116

Mike Anthony / Closing of Texas Hill Road for Bridge Repair

June 21st Meeting (Jeanne will not be here for this meeting)

7:00 PM – David Blittersdorf / Municipal Solar Array

7:30 PM – Saputo Site Interim Zoning Public Hearing?

8:00 PM – Brett Grabowski / Kinney Drugs Application (Irrevocable Offer, Escrow Agreement, Co-Applicant on VTrans Permit, Water & Wastewater Permits)

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