Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2010

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, David Blittersdorf, Al Barber, Frank Koss, Fred Silber, Kristy Brown, Kate Fitzgerald, Chris Bataille, Bret Grabowski, Carl Lisman, David and Barbara Lyman, Rocky Martin, Alex Weinhagen.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

David Blittersdorf, President of AllEarth Renewables / Potential Solar Array on Municipal Property Adjacent to Wastewater Lagoons: At its May 24 meeting, the Selectboard authorized the completion of the Certificate of Public Good (CPG) application with the Public Service Board for this potential project. David looked at the idea of locating the solar units by the lagoons and said it would work well. They could put 2 rows across the front of the lagoons and the remainder would go into the 9 acre triangle area originally proposed to for all the units. This location would move them out of the flood hazard area. The Town would purchase power at .18 kwh from AllEarth Renewables / Green Mtn Power will reimburse the Town at .1905 kwh. Randy asked about the risk for the Town. David said there is a slight risk the additional .06 kwh included in the figure GMP reimburses the Town would end but it is also likely there would be a “grandfathered clause” for those already in the program.

After 5 years the Town can purchase the trackers or can ask for them to be removed.

Randy asked David how AllEarth Renewables benefits, David said that AllEarth makes a profit on sale of the trackers to the company that installs which he also owns. There are also associated tax credits for the company.

Andrea mentioned the need to speak with Wendy Ordway who currently grazes cows and hays the 9 acre Town parcel. Rocky will speak with Wendy.

Kristy Brown of Jiffy Mart / Police Dispatch Issue: On June 1, an employee at the Jiffy Mart on Shelburne Falls Road called Shelburne Dispatch regarding a suspicious person in the parking lot. The call was never dispatched to the Hinesburg Police Department. Selectboard members have received a copy of a report by Officer Chris Bataille on the event, as well as a report from James Mack, Shelburne Dispatch Supervisor. Kristy, manager of Jiffy Mart, told the Board this is the second time Shelburne Dispatch has been called with no response to the call. The first call was made to the Hinesburg Police Department in April, a Hinesburg officer took the call. Before the officer who took the call responded officer Chris Bataille who drove into the lot at Jiffy Mart handled the situation.

The Board asked Kate, the employee who made the call, if she called 911 or the Hinesburg number. The Hinesburg number was called in both cases with the understanding that if no officer was in the office in Hinesburg the call would go to the 911 dispatch. The call on June 1 was not answered in Hinesburg so did go to Shelburne Dispatch.

Fred said he and Frank met with the Shelburne Dispatch supervisor to find out what happened regarding the June 1 incident.

Kristy also had a concern regarding gas purchase by the Police Department. She stated in the past the entire Department purchased the gas from Jiffy Mart and now only officer Bataille does. Frank responded that the Department stopped purchasing when there was a personal problem at Jiffy Mart. He added it is the choice of the individual officer where they purchase gas.

Fred stated employees of Jiffy Mart should feel comfortable calling 911 for any problem that requires police intervention.

Director of Planning & Zoning Alex Weinhagen / Revisions to Wastewater Allocation Ordinance and Sewer Service Area: The Selectboard began reviewing revisions to the allocation ordinance and sewer service area in July 2009. At its October 5, 2009 meeting, the Board advised the Planning Commission that it was temporarily waiting on taking action on the ordinance until the Planning Commission made further progress on master planning regulations. The Planning Commission is almost ready to forward these zoning regulation changes to the Selectboard. Alex gave an update on the master planning progress and options for adoption of the allocation ordinance and sewer service area.

Andrea said she feels there is a need to have information in the master plan on sewage needs in order to know if the Town can supply wastewater service for the project. She feels we need to take the build out for the new zoning into account.

Alex noted that the two current projects being reviewed were submitted prior to the revision now being considered so are not effected by taking longer to look at this.

Randy had questions in the following areas: page 1-the need for some of the statements; page 3 item 4A – what is the criteria and 4B – questions definition of uncommitted reserve capacity; page 4/ 4B1 – last paragraph remove statement; page 5/ 4C- remove reference to Town Plan when speaking of conditions or include reference to infrastructure improvements; page 7/ 4C3 – include wording to clarify new allocation; page 7/ D1- change to Town may monitor not shall; page 8/ 6D- question regarding applicant’s responsibility if hooking into an existing problematic line; page 9/ 8B – notification of payment due to individual before they loose allocation.

Andrea – page 1 – add plant permitted capacity 250,000gpd to first paragraph. Remove entire last paragraph.

Alex will work on re-writing with suggested changes

Brett Grabowski of Creekside Investments: Brett met with the Selectboard to begin discussions on the following items in relation to the Lyman / Milot (Kinney Drugs) project: Brett explained the project has received preliminary plat approval at the DRB.

Parking along Rt116 will be maintained either by the Town or developer for winter maintenance. The sidewalk along Rt116 will be privately maintained, this will be a future public sidewalk.

-Irrevocable Offer of Dedication – includes sidewalk and section of Kaileys Way Rd. Water and sewer lines – yes the Town would want those.

- Escrow Agreement – Town staff will work on what the Town wants to see in the agreement.

- VTrans Permit Wastewater Capacity Allocation Permit and Allocation Fee – Brett was seeking approval to pay the fee when the building permit is pulled.The Board will check the ordinance regarding allocation fees.

- Act 250 Municipal Impact Questionnaire: Board members want more information from Mike Anthony regarding the roads and the Police Department.

Warned Public Hearing / Proposed Revisions to Existing Interim Zoning Regulations for Saputo Parcel: Rocky reported that the Lot 1 Committee met with Will Patten and Jim Collins and all were in agreement that Lot 1 is a better spot for the farmers market rather than the green space as proposed in the Saputo Zoning Revisions. The Town owns Lot 1 so there is no additional land cost to the Town to locate the market there. Rocky said the Lot 1 Committee also feels Lot 1 is better suited to community use.

Barbara Lyman asked if the Town is purchasing the Saputo site. She was advised the Town has not made an offer – the Saputo Committee is discussing options with Saputo. Any proposed purchase would need approval of the voters.

There was discussion on including in “village” zoning and remove references to community gathering space. The Board said they do not want the document to be limiting and can have mixed uses but not a specific area for each use.

Other Business

Minutes of June 7, 2010 Meeting: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the June 7, 2010 meeting as corrected. Second by Howard and approved.

Water and Wastewater Rates for FY 10 – 11: Director of Buildings & Facilities Rocky Martin has prepared a projection of water and wastewater revenues for the coming year for the purpose of re-evaluating the user rates for both. Based on the projections, the staff recommendation is to leave the rates at the current level for the coming year, since it appears the rates are adequate to generate the necessary revenue.

The Board discussed with Rocky reserve fund for wastewater and the allocation and connection fees in relation to the reserve fund.

Water current reserve fund is $250,000.

Rocky will look at his figures again for possible change in recommendation.

Appointment of CCMPO Representative and Alternate Representative: The terms of appointment for Andrea Morgante as CCMPO Representative and Robert Bast as CCMPO Alternate Representative will expire on June 30, 2010. Both Andrea and Rob have expressed an interest in reappointment. Howard moved that the Board vote to reappoint Andrea Morgante as Hinesburg’s representative to the CCMPO for a two-year term which will expire on June 30, 2012. Second by Randy and approved with Andrea abstaining. Howard moved that the Board vote to reappoint Robert Bast as Hinesburg’s alternate representative to the CCMPO for a two-year term which will expire on June 30, 2012. Second by Randy and approved.

Buried Utility Permit / Vermont Gas on CVU Road: This is a request to install a natural gas line in the right-of-way on CVU Road to access a residence located at 10 CVU Road. Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the buried utility permit application of Vermont Gas Systems to install a natural gas line in the Town’s right-of-way on CVU Road (Tax Map #16-20-55.00) as outlined in the permit dated 6/7/10, subject to the terms and conditions placed on the permit by the Highway Foreman and all state and local permits governing the development of this parcel. Second by Howard and approved.

FY 10 – 11 Employee Salary Plan: The Board has been provided with a draft employee salary plan for FY 10 – 11, based on budgets that were presented and approved by voters at the 2010 Town Meeting.  Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the Employee Salary Plan for FY 10 – 11 as presented. Second by Howard and approved.

Howard moved the Board vote to adjourn at 11:00 p.m., second by Randy and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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