Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2010

Attending the meeting; Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, David and Barbara Lyman, Wayne Bissonette, Brett Grabowski, Rocky Martin, Joe Bissonette, Dorothy Pellett, George Dameron.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Brett Grabowski for Lyman/Milot/Kinney Drugs Property / AOT Application for Parking on Route 116 (Town as Co-Applicant): Brett said the State requires the Town to be co-applicant. Andrea said the question of who will be responsible to plow the parking spaces needs to be decided. Brett said the permit will state that the Town is responsible to maintain the area. Discussed was the need to work out agreements listing what the developer will be responsible for maintaining and what the Town will be taking over.

Randy suggested sending along with the permit application notice that the Town will be working out a maintenance agreement for the parking area. Ken moved that the Board vote to sign the Vermont Agency of Transportation 19 VSA § 1111 Permit Application for the construction of 11 parallel parking spaces along Route 116 for the Lyman/Milot/Kinney Drugs proposal as co-applicant. Second by Andrea. Andrea moved to amend the motion to include “a letter be drafted to accompany the application recognizing the Town is still working out maintenance with the developer”. Motion voted as amended and approved.

Randy moved to amend to request the Chair to sign in lieu of entire Board, Ken second. The newly amended motion was voted and approved.

Howard noted that on street parking needs to be discussed as planning and zoning preferences seem to be in conflict with the Highway Departments wishes.

Wayne Bissonette / Discussion of Future water & Wastewater Service to Parcel on Southwest Corner of Route 116 and Shelburne Falls Road: Wayne has had his engineer look at possible paths to access Town sewer and water for Wayne’s proposed development project. Wayne is looking at hooking into the existing 2” line and then increasing to an 8” line to create a loop. This could eliminate the failing pump station in that area and include houses behind Jiffy Mart and along CVU Road.

Andrea said she is hesitant to expand the district as we do not know the Town’s complete capacity regarding pressure and capacity of the other pipes. Also concerned with the financial aspect relating to what it will cost property owners to then hook on.

Wayne said he hired an engineer who has plans showing all the sizes of the lines and can provide that to the Board. Howard asked the Selectboard to have the Town engineer review the plans.

Water currently runs through an 8” line that goes up to Riggs Rd on the west side of RT116.

Wayne asked if he would need to pay for the allocation for the entire project up front. Andrea said no, allocation would be paid when each building was permitted.

Wayne asked about a possible reduction of impact fees or allocation fees. Brett said this is the discussion he had a few months back with the Board. Hinesburg requires the allocation to be paid up front before final approval and the fee is not refundable.

Randy said the ordinance does allow the Selectboard to set up a special assessment district.

Wayne will get copies of the plans to Rocky for the Town engineer to review.

Jon opened the Warned Public Hearing / Proposed Revisions to Existing Interim Zoning Regulations for Saputo Parcel: Andrea wanted to be on record stating that storm water be strongly considered and be part of the final zoning regulation. George Dameron said the Town should keep in mind in looking at possible manufacturing and industrial uses, that Charlotte Road is a residential road and he would be concerned if there was a lot of heavy truck traffic using Charlotte Road. Consider the noise, soot, and air pollution effect to residences on that road and look into other possible points of access. Randy noted that the zoning addresses traffic impacts. Jon closed the Public Hearing. Howard moved that the Board vote to adopt revised interim zoning for the Saputo Cheese USA property, pursuant to VSA Title 24, Chapter 117, Section 4415 as outlined in the Saputo Site Interim Zoning Proposal (Revised) dated 8/2/10. Second by Ken and approved.

Director of Buildings & Facilities Rocky Martin / WWTF Upgrade Project and Change Order #4 and Certificate of Substantial Completion: Forcier & Aldrich has prepared Change Order #4 for the contract with Kingsbury Companies, LLC for the WWTF Upgrade Project. The change order will increase the Contract Price by $4,452.02, and will increase the Contract Calendar Days by 90 days.

The Board was not ready to act on this due to information they received of questionable workmanship deficiencies and design deficiencies.

Board members will make a site visit to look at the questionable items and then address the engineer and contractor with concerns.

Other Business

Approve Warrants: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of July 26, 2010 Meeting: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the July 26, 2010 meeting as amended. Second by Howard and approved.

Trial Balances for Water & Wastewater and General Fund Accounts for Period Ending 7/31/10: Howard moved that the Board vote to acknowledge receipt of the trial balances for the water & wastewater and general fund accounts for the period ending 7/31/10. Second by Ken and approved.

Discussion of Proposed Flood Hazard Zoning Regulations / Clarify Selectboard Comments for Planning Commission (No Further Public Comment at This Time): The Board discussed the reasons for sending the proposed regulations back to the Planning Commission, clarifying areas where changes are desired.

Jon said specifically he would not restrict new structures in the inundation zones and would allow building in the Village NW and growth area south of Patrick Brook and Saputo, but would agree with restrictions in all other areas.

Andrea said when the Planning Commission looked at the information available and the map they made this decision.

Randy said he sees this as unnecessary regulations for the Town and is stripping away peoples rights on what they can do with their property. He does not think this is good for the Town. Randy asked how this would have been written if we were just meeting FEMA regulations. He supports removing article 6 and replacing with the prior one.

Andrea said the language relating to existing structures is related to FEMA.

Howard said in the DRB process case by case there is no cumulative effect when it is clear over time there is a cumulative effect.

Ken said this is a direct conflict with work gone into trying to make the Village a viable Village growth center.

Jeanne will relay the Board members concerns to the Planning Commission.

Review of Hinesburg Community Justice Program: Staff met with Department of Corrections personnel on July 29 for feedback on the Hinesburg Community Justice Program grant proposal. DOC comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the proposal; the Board reviewed the proposal and still had some questions. It was noted that the Board of the Community Justice Program must have a treasurer if they manage money. According to State rules regarding boards do they need a secretary? Andrea asked in regards to the coordinator position what the Town would be committing to. Would the chair have authority to make a decision if only facilitating the meeting? Does any officer in the department make the referral or is there a chain of command. Jeanne will continue to work on getting answers for the Board.

Appointments to Affordable Housing Committee: Terms of appointment on the Affordable Housing Committee for Carl Bohlen, John Bethune, George Bedard, Andrea Brainard and Kellie Stoll expired on 7/31/10.  The vacancies have been published and posted. All five have expressed an interest in reappointment. Howard moved that the Board vote to re-appoint Carl Bohlen, John Bethune, George Bedard, Andrea Brainard and Kellie Stoll to the Affordable Housing Committee for two-year terms, which will expire on July 31, 2012. Second by Ken and approved.

Other Board Member Items: Follow up on roads engineering and planning design. It was noted the importance of having an outside engineer look at plans to make recommendations to the DRB. Perhaps the Town standards need revising to accommodate the ideas of planning and zoning.

Suggested is to have the DRB hire an engineer to review plans with significant pieces of infrastructure. Randy said the Selectboard could hire an engineer so this does not need to be put on the DRB. Jeanne will communicate the Boards concerns to the DRB and Alex.

Randy suggested the Town Clerk look into dealing with local banks for Town business. The Board was in agreement that this is a good idea.

Ken moved the Board vote to have Hinesburg be the non profit sponsor for VT History Through Song, a Vermont Humanities Council event with singer Linda Radtke at the Hinesburg Fall Festival. Second by Howard and approved.

Randy moved the Board vote to authorize the chair to sign a letter to VCAM Live Coverage authorizing them to broadcast all Hinesburg Municipal meetings live. Second by Howard and approved.

Andrea moved the Board go into executive session including Jeanne for personnel discussion of performance evaluation and legal discussion of a right-of-way across Town property. Second by Howard and approved.

Andrea moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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