Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Jim Barlow, Dorothy Pellett, Jennifer McCuin, Douglas Olufsen, Lynn Gardner, Kate Dodge, Maggie Gordon, Aaron Kimball, Donna and Bruce Cunningham, Dennis McCarthy, Dona Walker, Barbara and David Lyman, Michael Fay, Julie and Stewart Pierson, Susan L  Chris Morrell, Marc Landry, Jean Isham, Al Barber, Fred Silber, Charles Hafter, Betty Moore Hafter, Denis Gravelin, Kate Gravelin, Bob Johnson, Carrie Johnson, Tom Wilson, Charles Baker, Michele Boomhower.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Dennis McCarthy and others from the Vermont Town and City Management Association were present to recognize Town Administrator Jeanne Wilson with the presentation of the Vermont Town and City Management Association’s Distinguished Service Award.  

Jim Barlow, Senior Staff Attorney, VLCT Municipal Assistance Center / Pros and Cons of a Town Manager Form of Government – Jim gave a presentation on the roles and responsibilities of Selectboard members, Town Managers, and Town Administrators.

Topics of discussion were:

How would Town Manager differ from a Mayor?  Eight municipalities, all of which are cities, have a mayor. The mayor is an elected official and the responsibilities depend on what the charter calls for.

There are three methods for a town to move to town manager form of governing; by State Statute / municipal charter which must be approved by the legislature / and with a contract.

It was noted that the town manager form of government works more effectively in some communities than others.  In making a decision on the form of governing you need to know your community and what it values in its local government.

Jon thanked Jim and said this is a first step in Hinesburg’s exploration of town manager governing.  The Board will also be looking to speak with town managers, administrators and Selectboard members for their views.

Discussion of Invoice for Relocation of Generator / Fire Department or Wastewater Upgrade – Rocky was not able to attend the meeting so there were still unanswered questions on this.  Al said he will pay the invoice.  The Board will speak with Rocky for clarification and if needed funds expended to pay the invoice can be moved from one account to another.

Charles Baker, Executive Director of CCRPC & Michele Boomhower, Executive Director of CCMPO / Discussion of Merger of Organizations.  Charles explained to the Board that a merger process actually began over eight years ago by co-locating and sharing most services.  Last year they moved to less costly office quarters saving $40,000 and began the sharing of staffing.  In formally merging the two organizations there is a commitment to not changing municipal dues for at least the next three years.

Andrea spoke in favor of the merger and said she sees substantial benefits to the Town as a result.

Other Business

Approve Warrants:  Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer.  Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of September 20, 2010 Meeting:  Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the September 20, 2010 meeting as amended.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Minutes of September 30, 2010 Meeting:  Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the September 30, 2010 meeting.  Second by Howard and approved.

Trial Balances for Water & Wastewater and General Fund Accounts for Period Ending 9/30/10:  Howard moved that the Board vote to accept the trial balances for the water & wastewater and general fund accounts for the period ending 9/30/10.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Follow-Up Discussion Regarding Solar Array at Wastewater Treatment Facility:  The Board has received feedback on the proposed power purchase agreement and voter approval from Attorney Bud Allen. Attorney Allen found three possible problem areas in the proposed contract. David will be notified that the Town is not able to authorize such an agreement since it would need voter approval. There would also be a need to alter the contract as proposed.  Andrea asked how this might be achieved if such an opportunity would become available next year and the Selelctboard would need to make a decision to act on it in a short time frame.  Would it be possible for the voters at Town Meeting to approve spending up to a specified dollar amount?   Howard and Randy asked how this would work for setting the tax rate with an unknown amount.

Appointment to Village Steering Committee:  The Board has received a letter of interest in appointment to the VSC from Michael Buscher.  Mike lives on Fredric Way, and is a landscape architect and owner of a landscape architecture and land-planning firm.  He has a personal interest in community enhancement projects and smart growth development.  The vacancy on the VSC has been published and posted.  Howard moved that the Board vote to appoint Michael Buscher to the Village Steering Committee, for a two-year term which will expire on October 1, 2012.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Town Forest Grant Projects for Class IV Road and Trail Repair / Lake Champlain Basin Program and ANR Clean & Clear Ecosystem Restoration Program:  The Board has received a letter from Karen Bates, DEC Watershed Coordinator, for permission to submit 2 grant applications to fund work to assess and fix roads and the Eagle Trail in the Town Forest. The projects have been developed based on assessment work completed by the Town Forest Committee, and Karen, ANR County Forester Mike Snyder and Justin Kenney of the Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District will submit the applications.  Howard moved that the Board vote to authorize the Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District to submit grant applications to the Lake Champlain Basin Program and the ANR Clean and Clear Ecosystem Restoration Program to fund work in the Town Forest, and sign a letter of support for the two grant projects.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Review of Request to Consider a Noise Ordinance:  The Selectboard has received a request from Andrew Leise of Farmall Drive to consider enacting a noise ordinance.  In recent correspondence from Mr. Leise he noted that in speaking with the neighbors in person, via e-mail, and in person at the association meeting in September they have come to an agreement on when the band will practice which he is satisfied with. 

Jon advised the Board that he had responded to Mr. Leise via email and noted he was glad they were able to work out a solution and also glad the Selectboard was advised of the situation.

It was suggested to communicate with the DRB that with approval of high density residential areas they should encourage associations to consider inclusion of noise regulations. 

Updates on Huntington Town Residents Concerns Regarding Traffic on Economou Road in Huntington:  Some residents on Economou Road in Huntington have voiced concern to the Huntington Selectboard about the amount of traffic and speed of traffic on the road for people traveling to the Hinesburg Town Forest.  On September 24, Huntington Town Administrator Ed Wildman and Hinesburg Town Administrator Jeanne Wilson met with Steve Russell and Brooke Scatchard of the Hinesburg Town Forest Committee to discuss possible means of addressing the concerns.  Discussed was the proposal for signs to be purchased with Town Forest funds and the Town of Huntington installing the signs.  Some Board members had information from residents of the road that not all residents shared the same concerns.  It was noted the need to acknowledge the fact that it is also Huntington residents using the road and not just non Huntington residents using the Huntington roads.  There is a benefit to the Town of Huntington to have the Hinesburg Forest adjoin their community. 

The Board was not in favor of having Hinesburg pay for any signs on the roads in Huntington.

CSWD FY11 Capital Budget / Williston Compost Facility:  CSWD is developing a new regional composting facility in Williston to replace the Intervale Compost facility in Burlington.  A budget amount of $1.2 million was included in the FY11 budget approved by the member towns.  Now that the detailed design and permitting process is complete, the cost is now estimated at $2.2 million.  Counsel for CSWD has advised that the project can be funded by using reserve funds or by resolution/bonding options that will cover the budget shortfall.  CSWD is asking member towns whether they are okay with this method of addressing the over-expenditure, or if a vote on the amended budget is preferred.

Howard said this does not make him feel comfortable with proposed budget numbers presented to the Town each year.  Randy said as the Town representative to CSWD recommends funding with reserve funds he is o.k. with doing so.

The Board was in agreement to use reserve funds to cover the shortfall.

Outgoing Correspondence and Additions to the Agenda

Letter to Rusty Devoid / RE: Driveway Culvert Replacement on Hayden Hill Road West – reviewed and signed by the Board.

Appointment of CSWD Board Alternate:  The position of alternate representative for the CSWD Board is currently vacant.  The vacancy has been published and posted.  Douglas Taff has expressed interest in an appointment to the vacant position.  Andrea moved that the Board vote to appoint Douglas Taff as alternate representative to the Chittenden Solid Waste District, to fill a vacancy with a term which will expire on 5/31/2012.  Second by Ken and approved.

Andrea moved the Board go into executive session including Jeanne Wilson to discuss contract negations per matter of interim Town Administrator.  Second by Howard and approved.

Andrea moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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