Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Jeanne Wilson, Hank Lambert, Kyle Bostwick, Bruce Cote, Sarah Murphy, Jennifer Briggs, Wayne Bissonette, Brad Aldrich, Alex Weinhagen

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Kyle Bostwick / Interview for Appointment to Planning Commission: Kyle and his family have lived in Hinesburg in Creekside for about 3 years.  He has been following the progress of the Town Plan and work of the Planning Commission. He feels it is important to contribute to the Town and so would like to serve on the Commission.

Bruce Cote / Interview for Appointment to Planning Commission:  Bruce met with the Board in January 2009 for a previous vacancy, and was again considered in April 2010. Bruce lives on Wood Run Rd. He feels it is important for the Town to guide growth in a way to accommodate all residents.  He has experience working with people with differing views on issues with his involvement in working on conversion of banks.  He worked in IT and was in charge of committees gathering data and making decisions.  He has followed Town Planning meetings through news in the Hinesburg Record and from Front Porch Forums.

Sarah Murphy / Request for Crosswalk on Mechanicsville Road: Sarah presented the Board with a signed petition requesting that the Town of Hinesburg will immediately address the current dangerous intersection with appropriate signage and designation of origination of sidewalk project slated for spring 2011 (as worded on petition submitted).

The intersection being referred to is Mechanicsville Rd and Thistle Hill Rd.

The Board explained that the crosswalk is planned as part of the rec path project. The Board agreed to look into placement of signs prior to construction of the rec path.

Alex added that even on State roads VTrans has allowed traditional pedestrian symbol signs.

Wayne Bissonette / Request Regarding Wastewater Allocation for Development on the Southwest Corner of Shelburne Falls Road and Route 116: Wayne noted to the Board that he had previously visited with the Board and discussed that he was considering installation of a water /wastewater line from Farmall Dr to Shelburne Falls Rd.  This would allow Champlain Oil to do away with their pump station.  He is looking for help from the Town on allocation fees as the proposed construction will not only do away with a problematic pump station but will add fire protection.

He is asking if the Town would apply for the ww treatment permit as the Town will own the lines when installed. Wayne said he has been advised it is simpler if the Town applies for the permit.

Randy said the Board would want a town engineer to look at this project. Wayne said a rough estimated cost for 3000 ft of gravity feed for water and sewer is $300,000.

He would like future waivers or discounts on future allocations per his master plan; he is not seeking anything for the Jiffy Mart allocation. Jon said this is a substantial infrastructure improvement and with Selectboard approval could  possibly mitigate payment of impact fees.

Howard noted if done by reducing allocation fees it impacts water and wastewater users. If done by offsetting impact fees the tax payers are affected.  What is the benefit to the Town?

Randy said this is an opportunity to acquire needed infrastructure in that area as development will take place at some future time.

The Board agreed to check into the possibility of the Town applying for the permit. Alex and Rocky will work with Wayne in regards to his master plan to figure out how much allocation is being considered.

Forcier Aldrich & Associates Engineering / Follow-up on Inspection of Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Project: Brad Aldrich reviewed with the Board the memo responding to Hinesburg wastewater treatment upgrade project. The proposed action check list was reviewed with explanation of the action to be taken to correct each item in question. The Board was agreeable to the proposed recommendations and Brad said he will put details together and submit to the State.

Jon moved the Board vote to authorize Forcier Aldrich & Associates to apply to the State revolving loan fund for an additional $34,500 for wastewater treatment to make modifications as outlined in the memo from Forcier Aldrich & Associates dated October 15, 2010 and proceed with modifications. Second by Ken and approved.

Selectboard Review of Zoning & Subdivision Regulations: sections discussed were: 3.5.5; community theatre for small scale productions – is addressed in conditional uses and also in the definitions / 3.7.8 ; regarding museums – are museums in other zoning districts? Alex will check on this / 3.9.5 & 3.10.5; home occupations and cottage industries – discussed how this effects mixed use / 3.10.1; expansion of R2 – discussed if there is potential for this property to be developed in a way to create a visible entry way to the Village – the Board agreed to leave it zoned the way it had been on both sides of Rt116 / 5.22 inclusionary zoning – Randy noted he had a list of items last spring that did not seem to be included in the changes for example inclusionary zoning as it relates to affordable housing. Can it be achieved with the allowed density? Jon said an example using real numbers would be helpful Randy also inquired on the one acre figure regarding a master plan.

Alex will check into what was discussed tonight and the Board will continue the discussion at their next meeting.


Other Business

Approve Warrants: Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer. Second by Randy and approved.

Minutes of October 4, 2010 Meeting: Randy moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the October 4, 2010 meeting as amended.  Second by Howard and approved.

Minutes of October 11, 2010 Meeting: Howard moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2010 meeting. Second by Randy and approved.

Discussion of Quarterly Meetings with Department Heads: Police, Highway and Water/Wastewater are the three departments that have no direct citizen board representation and it could be beneficial to have an update from them. Randy felt it was necessary to specify to the department exactly what information the Selectboard is looking to have a report on. Andrea said she would like to see a work plan at least for Highway and Water/Wastewater. She also would like a report on work being done and what challenges the department may be experiencing. The Board agreed and will start with the Police Department reporting.

Letter to VTrans Regarding High Risk Rural Roads Program: The Town will again benefit from the High Risk Rural Roads Program, this year in the form of safety improvements to Charlotte Road and Hollow Road. Rocky Martin and Mike Anthony met with VTrans and CCMPO personnel on October 12 to review the recommended changes. From that discussion, there was a request by the Town to add the installation of fog lines on Hollow Road to the proposed project. A letter to VTrans requesting this addition has been prepared for Board signature.

Andrea asked what other recommendations were made and Jeanne responded it was for signage.

The Board reviewed and signed the letter.

Letter to Secretary of the Agency of Transportation Regarding Funding for Commuter Bus Service to Hinesburg: At Town Meeting in March 2010, the residents of Hinesburg voted to appropriate the necessary funds to join the Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) and provide matching funds to establish commuter bus service to our community. It was anticipated that bus service would begin in February 2011. We learned these plans were altered and that there were no CMAQ funds available in the FY 11 State budget. A letter has been prepared for Board signature to Transportation Secretary David Dill encouraging the investment of funds for a commuter route to Hinesburg in the Governor’s FY 12 budget.

The Board reviewed and signed the letter.

Buried Utility Permit / Vermont Gas on Mill Road:  This is a request to install a natural gas line in the right of way on Mill Road to access residences located at 8 Mill Road and 40 Mill Road. Andrea moved that the Board vote to approve the buried utility permit application of Vermont Gas Systems to a install natural gas line in the Town’s right-of-way on Mill Road as outlined in the permit dated 10/05/10, subject to the terms and conditions placed on the permit by the Highway Foreman and all state and local permits governing the development of these parcels.  Second by Ken and approved.

Wastewater Allocation Request / Milot Lyman Kinney Drugs Project: The Board granted provisional approval to this wastewater capacity allocation application at the August 30 meeting, pending completion of the appeal period and effective date for the Wastewater Capacity Allocation Ordinance. The ordinance became effective on October 15, 2010.  This application is for wastewater capacity for:

11,500 sq. ft. dry goods store (Kinney Drugs) = 462 gpd

commercial / office space employing 35 workers = 420 gpd

15 residential units = 3,150 gpd

infiltration = 308 gpd

Total = 4,340 gpd

This project has received site plan approval from the DRB and is within the Wastewater Service Area as outlined in the Wastewater Capacity Allocation Ordinance, last amended 10/15/10.  There is sufficient wastewater capacity in the enterprise and residential sectors to allow for this allocation.  Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the Wastewater Capacity Allocation request of Milot Real Estate in the amount of 4,340 gpd for commercial, residential and associated infiltration as outlined in permit dated 6/10/10, on Tax Map #8-1-6.32, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Wastewater Capacity Allocation Ordinance, adopted 10/15/10, and all state and local permits governing the development of this parcel.  Second by Andrea and approved.

Appointment to Planning Commission: Howard moved that the Board vote to appoint Kyle Bostwick to the Planning Commission to fill a vacancy with a term which expires on January 1, 2012. Second by Andrea and approved.

Appointment to Recreation Commission: Andrea moved that the Board vote to appoint Katie Bailey to the Recreation Commission to fill a vacancy with a term which expires on January 1, 2011. Second by Howard and approved.

Additions to the Agenda

Follow-Up on Solar Array: Jeanne reported she received a call from All Earth Renewable asking if they are able to remove the Town’s taxpayer’s debt of the $93,000 if the Selectboard is willing to continue to work toward an agreement. The Board asked Jeanne to relay to All Earth Renewable they would be interested in continuing to work on the project.

Howard moved the Board go into executive session including Jeanne Wilson for Discussion of Legal & Personnel Issues, second by Randy and approved.

Howard moved the Board vote to come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Randy and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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