Selectboard Budget Meeting

Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Jeanne Wilson, Hank Lambert, Alex Weinhagen, Missy Ross, Marie Gardner, Al Barber, Frank Koss, Wd Waite, Jennifer McCuinn, Frank Twarog, Fred Silber

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Review of the following budgets:

Town Clerk & Treasurer: reviewed with Missy Ross.  Noted changes; increased accounting assistant to $8,000 due to increased work / removed line for printing, binding, and microfilm – this cost will now be absorbed in records restoration which is funded with recording fees.  Randy asked Missy about his previous inquiry regarding use of local banks.  Missy said she is investigating this idea.  Randy also wanted to get people thinking about possible need for increased security in the Town Clerk’s office.  Not only for the personal safety of employees but for confidentiality issues.  Missy said that almost everything done in the office is open for public view and minimal amounts of cash are in the office.   Missy said they like the open and welcoming feel to the office.  Jeanne said the safety committee has discussed this and it is something to keep in mind for the future.

BCA: reviewed with Missy Ross.  Level funded

ELECTIONS: reviewed with Missy Ross. Total request is down as it will be an off election year.

DELINQUENT TAX COLLECTOR: reviewed with Missy Ross.  Level funded.

LISTERS: reviewed with Marie Gardner. Noted changes; supplies increased for replacing notebooks / dues, meetings & subscriptions increased for annual renewal of the new software license agreement.  Possible change to listers salary as that line covers advisory work and actual in 09-10 was $0.


PLANNING & ZONING: reviewed with Alex. Discussed at length special projects proposed.  

Growth Center Designation $5,000 – this designation would make possible an innovative funding opportunity that would allow Hinesburg to keep more of the statewide property tax revenue.   This $5,000 would provide local matching funds for applying for a municipal planning grant application in 2011 to complete a growth center designation application.  Alex did state that Hinesburg with a growth center designation with Tax Increment Financing (TIF) still can qualify for some benefits. 

West Side Road Scoping Study for $16,000.  This would be the Town’s portion of a cost estimate of $60,000 - $80,000 for the study.  Feasibility study was done in 2004 – what information will this provide in addition to that study?  Would any engineering be included?  What should developers of these parcels be responsible for?

Sidewalk Feasibility Study for $4,000.  There are 7 significant segments of sidewalk on the official map that have not been assessed.  Alex estimates a total cost for this of $20,000 (which will cover only half – recent information indicates all 7 would be around $45,000) of which Hinesburg would be responsible for 20%.

Impact Fee Ordinance for Recreation for $4,000.  This is to hire a consultant to draft a recreation impact fee analysis/ordinance.  Questioned was if it is worth the cost to administer these impact fees with a relatively small capital expense which would be the possibility of construction of a full size recreation field and supporting infrastructure. 

Recreation Strategic Plan – no funds requested / in house project. The P&Z department will work with the Recreation Commission and Planning Commission.

Stormwater Review Standards Revision – no funds requested / in house project. The P&Z department will work with Planning Commission to update local stormwater review standards.

Jon asked if it is realistic to take on all these projects.  Andrea had the same concern and feels it is a priority to complete the Rural Area Density project which has been ongoing since 2007.

RECREATION: reviewed with Jennifer and Frank. Noted changes; slight increases in printing & advertising due to cost increase and population increase / subcontractor maintenance due to cost increases / adult and youth programs increased to better reflect actual expenses.  Reduction in youth sports to better reflect actual.  Large increase in Recreation Facilities Maintenance –the $7,000 figure submitted for the Town Hall Field project will likely be closer to $15,000 – this expenditure is needed as the field has drainage problems that need to be addressed to make the field usable.  Also in Facilities Maintenance is the need to resurface the tennis courts and add curbing to ice rink.

Back in the capital budget is a request for $5,000 for new field space.

POLICE DEPARTMENT: reviewed with Fred and Frank.  Many lines reduced.  New request for mobile data terminal of $2,536.  Also added to the capital budget $18,500 for second half of appropriation for cruiser.  

FIRE DEPARTMENT: reviewed with Al.  Noted changes; inclusion of request for $1,000 for EMS equipment maintenance / professional development increase – due to training costs for new members.

FIRE WARDEN: reviewed with Ed.  Level funded.

ANIMAL CONTROL: reviewed with Jeanne.  Salary reduced to better reflect actual.

Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 9:10, second by Andrea and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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