Selectboard Budget Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Hank Lambert, Mike Anthony, Rocky Martin, Rolf Kielman, Dona Walker, Carolyn Roesler, Aaron Kimball, Michael Bucaer, Cathy Ryan, Amy Elkins, Colin McNaull

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

HIGHWAY – reviewed with Mike Anthony.  Changes discussed: supplies -reduced to $2000;  tools/equipment – reduce back to normal request as no large purchase planned; professional services – will continue funding for gravel road study.  The Board said they would like to see more maintenance practices in the study and are not looking for the same level of detail in previous ones; signs increased for new regulations – by 2012 the Town needs a sign maintenance program and by 2015 all signs need to be replaces with new ones.  Mike said just the signs need replacing not the posts so it should not take more than a day or two;  buildings repair & maintenance reduced; salt – the Board increased the request to $43,896 for 700 tons as it was under budgeted at 600 tons; mowing – Andrea asked for a schedule to be set up, look at areas with invasive species and mow at appropriate times; dust control – the Board increased to $40,000 to allow roads to be done more than one time; pavement striping – discussed maintenance of roads that have been done – prioritizing high traffic volume roads.  Mike will get back to the Board with costs to maintain striping on high traffic roads.  Capital – put off the replacement of the 2002 dump truck.  Mower deck – discussed purchase of item and associated costs of the Town mowing vs hiring out to someone else; Shelburne Falls Rd culvert replacement, Mike said this is a safety concern and will need to be done even if the Town is not awarded the grant. Andrea said she would like to see a work plan associated with the budget.  

BUILDINGS & FACILITIES – reviewed with Rocky Martin.  Sidewalks – (Randy excused himself from any discussion as a member of the Selectboard as he is involved in the project associated with the density bonus).  The discussion was about the addition of $30,000 in funding toward sidewalk construction to connect Lyman Meadows sidewalk to the sidewalk in front of Hart & Mead.  The Board advised that it is the DRB who makes the decision – the Selectboard only makes a decision if the project is for the “public good”.  The sidewalk, if approved, will be constructed behind the fence in front of the Mead residence.  The question was asked that if the sidewalk funding is not approved, could people be allowed to walk in the area the sidewalk would have been constructed on the residence side of the fence.  Rocky said anything in the State right of way has to be permitted by the State, the existing fence is permitted.  

The Board agreed to put the request in the budget as proposed and if need be make some sort of gravel path where the sidewalk would have been constructed.  The goal is to make it safe for pedestrians.

Other changes: professional services increased for additional mowing; repair and maintenance increased for closure of buried fuel tank, slate roof repairs, painting old fire station, address wiring at old fire station and magnetic fire door closure system for Town Hall.

SELECTBOARD – discussed with Hank Lambert.  No major changes proposed. Main point of discussion was the Annual Town Report.  The Board agreed to check with the Town Administer Assistant to see if that is something she can take on.  Also noted was a need for a job description and number of hours needed to put together the report in its current format.  Other places the information could be found would be front porch forums and Town website.

LEGAL SERVICES – The Board will check again in January what the actual looks like and set a budget expense at that time.

TOWN ADMINISTRATOR – only major change noted as a possible at this time is the cost of Health and Dental (cost based on a family plan).  The Board hopes to have a clearer picture of what will be needed later in budgeting process.

COMPUTER / COPIER / FAX / WEBSITE – hardware increased by $1,000 for replacement; increased web site expense by $1,000 to reflect level of management work done.


PUBLIC HEALTH – level funded.


Andrea advised the Board that she has had some conversations with Doug Nedde of Redstone on work such as grants done by the Steering Committee regarding the Saputo property site.  She and other representatives from Hinesburg will be meeting with Doug to discuss interest in working with a collective approach to the site. The Board thanked Andrea and asked she keep them advised of conversations and discussions.

Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 9:20 p.m., second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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