Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Rocky Martin, Brian Busier, Rodney Trudeau, Peter Erb, Dorothy Pellett, David Palmer, Brett Grabowski, Carl Lisman; Bob Goudreau

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Lantman Density Bonus – Randy excused himself as a member of the Board for any discussion or vote on the project. Brian explained that the State Liquor Control Agency has requested inclusion of a liquor store at Lantman’s. The store site is maxed out for allowed lot coverage.  Brian is planning to make an addition to the outside of the building.  Brian is looking to use “bonus points” to allow the needed increased lot coverage to be gained from his cash contribution to build a sidewalk from Lyman Meadows to the elementary school.

Jon explained that the Selectboard decision is only about if the infrastructure is important to the Town not the dollar amount of the contribution.  The Board recognizes the sidewalk as an important infrastructure addition. 

Andrea said she is in favor of completing this section of sidewalk and also sees this as an opportunity for the site plan to address storm water.  The addition would be adding impervious surface to a site that is already maxed out.  The contribution to the sidewalk does not substitute for other things that would be required in site plan review and the DRB needs to follow regulations regarding site plan review and on this site storm water is an issue.

Peter shared proposed conditions for DRB approval with the Selectboard who agreed with the conditions.

Andrea moved that Selectboard vote that they find the proposed project of a sidewalk from Lyman Meadow to the public school is important public infrastructure and supports awarding of density bonus points for the project.  Second by Howard and approved.

The Board reviewed and signed the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund  Application for the Mt. View Mobile Home Park.

Lyman Milot Kinney Drugs – Andrea moved the Board acknowledge receipt of the Irrevocable Offers of Dedication and authorize the Town Agent to sign and accept on behalf of the Town.  Second by Howard and approved.

Maintenance Agreement – will include a $2,000 bond to be renewed each year.  The Board will have the Town Agent review and send back to the Board.

Escrow Agreement – needs final dollar amount from Brett and then the Town Agent can review the agreement.

School Parking – Bob Goudreau, principal of the community school, was present to review his request for additional parking with the Board.

He explained with declining enrollment and the Districts lease at the current location expiring in July of 2011, he is pursuing the possibility of a 10 year lease with CSSU to renovate and use the “White Building” which is not currently needed for classroom space. To go along with that he is requesting an additional parking lot to accommodate those employees.

Andrea asked if with declining enrollment there is a decline in need for current staff parking and could the current lot be used.  She is concerned with increasing impervious surface, Andrea pointed out that there is a Town lot adjacent to Lyman Park with a right of way across Hart & Mead that provided access to the school that could perhaps be enhanced for use.  If the proposed new lot is approved, Andrea said the storm water needs to be addressed. 

Bob said he sees this as an opportunity to get CSSU to pick up the cost to renovate the “White Building” which at some point in the future Hinesburg will likely need for classroom space again.

Jon said the Town encourages fully utilizing buildings in Town and this is a good example of doing so.

Rocky said there are possible drainage systems that can be used that would be constructed under the parking lot.


Review plans of Silver Street Bridge – it appears the detour and temporary bridge will result in moving the entrance to the school parking slightly and some spaces will be lost.  There is a proposed start date of May 2011. Jon said the Town needs to ask for clarification of lane width as it appears to be 10 ft on the bridge and is 9 ft on the rest of the road.  The Selectboard would like the lane marked off at 9 ft.  Andrea said the plans propose concrete curbs – the Board would want granite where appropriate.  Also detail on the bridge guard rails – would like something other than the usual galvanized such as on the bridge on Rt116 entering the town of Bristol.

Discussion on town manager form of government and advertising for position – Randy said Hinesburg is a town with many volunteers and residents seem to want to be involved in the workings of the Town.  From information regarding town government, this would lend to maintaining the current way of governing.

Andrea said while there are many volunteers, management of staff is what is needed as personnel issues and decisions can be difficult for the Board to deal with.

Ken agrees it is not good for 5 individuals to be making personnel decisions but agrees with being involved with departments and how they are working.

Howard said he is more inclined toward the manager form of government due to the amount of time it takes to deal with personnel issues.  He does not feel the Board can meet more frequently or for longer meetings.  He feels public policy gets put aside in order to focus on other issues.

Jon said the Board is being overwhelmed and to get relief on personnel issues would be helpful.  The union contract is coming up and that could be assigned to a manager.  

It was noted that legal council has in some past years handled union contract negotiations and the Selectboard can hire an attorney again for that purpose. No petition to change to 

Town Manager governing has to date been presented to the Board and the Board is not looking to drive a petition.

Discussion of advertising for the Town Administrator position – the Board agreed to go with the current job description.  The Board will ask Hank to come up with places to advertise and will utilize a hiring committee consisting of 2 staff members, 2 Town residents, 2 Selectboard members, and Hank to review resumes and do individual interviews.

Ken moved the Board vote to sign amendment #3, with the State for the STP bike path contract, second by Andrea and approved.

Ken moved the Board vote to appoint Rocky Martin as Town Health Officer for a period of three years beginning December 1, 2010, second by Howard and approved.

Ken moved the Board vote to appoint Henry Lambert, interim Town Administrator, as Town Road Commissioner.  Second by Howard and approved.

Randy moved the Board vote to have the Chair sign the animal control intake agreement with the Humane Society of Chittenden County.  Second by Howard and approved.

Howard moved the Board vote to approve the minutes of the November 1, 2010 meeting.  Second by Randy and approved.

Other Board member items:

Town report – Andrea will inquire with Huntington and Starksboro on costs for their reports.  Discussed the possibility of hiring someone to organize the report.

Randy moved the Board vote to approve payment to reimburse Jon Trefry in the amount of $462.94 from the Selectboard miscellaneous budget for the thank you plaque and gift for the Town Administrator. Second by Ken and approved.

Andrea informed the Board that Kristen Sharpless, chair of the Town Forest Committee, would like to continue to serve but is moving out of Hinesburg.  The Board agreed it is acceptable for her to continue on the committee and if the committee approves for her to remain as chair. 

Randy moved the Board vote to adjourn at 9:40 p.m., second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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