Selectboard Budget Meeting

Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2010

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Howard Russell, Hank Lambert, Meredith Birkett, Karla Munson, Stewart Pierson, Roger Crouse, Sue Bardon, Katherine Kjelleren, Chip and Joanna Wright, Steve Button, Rocky Martin, Meg Handler, Steve Lidle

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Review Budgets for 2011 – 2012

Agencies and Commissions

1. CCTA Assessment: Meredith Birkett & Karla Munson – new projected start up for Hinesburg is Feb 2012.  Meredith explained to the Board that CCTA will continue to seek grant funds from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program. Discussed Hinesburg’s allocation of an additional $20,877, which added to the previously approved $12,796 would provide a full year of service. The Board discussed creating a line for CCTA in the general budget.

2. Lake Iroquois Association: Roger Crouse reviewed the work done by the Association in 2010 and what they plan for 2011. They have a budget of $32,000 and are asking for $14,100 of that from the towns surrounding the lake, with Hinesburg’s contribution to be $10,000. The requested figure was derived at by using the property values of homes located in the watershed area for each of the four towns. Andrea asked if this is a one time request. Roger said they would be looking for funding each year and the amount would depend on the projects planned for the year. The Board agreed to include as a warned article for the $10,000 requested.

3. Land Trust: level funded

4. Lake Iroquois Beach Commission: level funded.

5. Land Preservation Fund: level funded.

6. Cemetery Commission: level funded.

7. Carpenter Carse Library: Sue Barden and Katherine Kjelleren reviewed the budget. Salaries and benefits are increased in part due to increased hours for the IT person and to reflect pay rate for a higher level of qualification for an employee. Total tax request reflects a 4.6% increase.

8. Conservation Commission: reduced by $400.

9. Other Agencies: the agency request review committee recommended a level funded total with a few adjustments to certain agencies. Howard reminded the committee that the costs for these agencies continue to increase and they need to look at the service provided to Hinesburg. He mentioned that the Board had discussed a possible increase equivalent to the COLA. Kate said most agencies did not request an increase and next year they anticipate possible increases.

Buildings and Facilities – reviewed with Steve Button.

Water and Wastewater – wastewater expenses down over $20,000 with utilities and capital expenses the large contributors.

Steve said he would like to meet with the Board regarding need for increased personnel. Andrea said they should get together before the rates are reviewed in June.

Fixed Costs and Insurance

- Debt Service – reduced to $70,060

- Recycling, Landfill Closure – level funded

- County Tax – level funded

- Unemployment Compensation – reduced to $4,200

- Property and Liability Insurance – increase of almost $12,000 – discussed getting bids on the insurance

- Removed the line for the Flexible Spending Plan

Employee Insurance & Benefits

- COLA / Wage Rate Adjustment – anticipated at 3%

- Health/Dental/Vision Insurance – the Board looked at employer and employee costs for a possible new plan.  Will be meeting with employees to review the benefits proposed.

- Short Term/Long Term Disability – slight increase 

- Retirement – not yet available as is based on COLA

Other Business:

Other Board Member Items – Ken inquired about the Board wanting to meet with department heads. Hank will contact Fred Silber to be on the agenda for the first meeting in January.

Ken moved the Board go into executive session including Hank Lambert for discussion of employee personnel matters, second by Andrea and approved.

Ken moved the Board come out of executive session and adjourn, second by Andrea and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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