Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2010

Attending The Meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Howard Russell, Hank Lambert, Alex Weinhagen, Fred Silber, also see attached list of citizens.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

John Kiedaisch said in regards to the proposal for Lot 15, if the DRB rejects the proposed development the Town has 120 days to act.  He wants to encourage the Selectboard to make a decision and suggested they establish a committee to look at the Town’s wishes, costs for projects and other information needed to make a decision.

Official Map and Hannaford Proposal on Commerce Street - Discussion of Potential Community Facilities. Jon read a statement relating to the establishment of the Official Map and its implications.  

He said, though not a Board position, he personally feels the lack of information to the landowner when the land was identified as community space on the official map was an unfortunate oversight.

Jon then opened the floor for comments asking that they be kept to the issue of the Official Map designation not if they want to see Hannaford built in Town.

Alex explained what is identified on the map and what the designations mean for potential possible uses.

Rolf Kielman said the Village Steering Committee has been looking at public spaces in the village for the past two years and shared drawings of suggested possible uses for that piece of property.

George Dameron said it is the opinion of the Village Steering Committee that this lot is the best place for community public space, he asked people to envision 40 to 50 years from now what the village would look like.  

John Roos said he sees this as an opportunity to act on moving this village green space forward sooner than it might have without this controversy. 

John Lyman asked if it was a community park where would there be space for parking.  Rolf said they look to do communal parking as adjoining lots have parking areas that are not used on weekends.

Frank Koss said to remember that lot 1 is being looked at which will require funding and now it is being talked about to purchase another piece of property.

A resident said that lot 1 was discussed at the Planning Commission meeting and it was felt that lot 15 is a better space for music concerts and a playground as it is removed from Rt 116.  She liked the idea of a committee to research costs and other aspects to obtain lot 15.

Nate A. said he is a 6 yr resident of Hinesburg and is very pleased to live in a town that has an official map to propel discussion and look at the future of the Town.

John Lyman asked what the ratio of acres needed for recreation relating to population is.  Alex said we do not have such guidelines.

Sylvia Geiger, a 20 year resident, likes the idea of a community park in the center of Town.

John B. said lot 1 will have lots of parking available and lot 15 is surrounded by commercial parking and so only available on weekends.

Virginia Roberts said she supports a village green.

Chuck Reiss supports the idea of a band shell / theatre and lot 15 seems the best location of all those looked at on the official map.

Michael Buschor, a member of the Village Steering Committee, asked if the site would support envisioned public uses with the current proposal – he believes there is no room left on the site for any public use.

John Kiedasch commented on the point of the landowner not being informed.  He said any property owner of land on the official map would receive fair market value if the Town is to purchase the property.

Ken Brown feels a town green would increase property values of properties in the village. The importance of a town green has been expressed by residents at past planning and public hearings about a town green.  He supports forming a committee to investigate funding to implement a purchase. Ken said he would like to inform the DRB that the Board does not see how the community needs can be met with the current proposal from Hannaford.

Howard Russell said it is not up to the Board to advise the DRB that the current proposal is not compatible. The Board can give clarity of what they envisioned when creating this public space. He also feels it makes sense to have a committee. He wanted to remind everyone that lot 1 and lot 15 are both valuable and each offer something different.

Randy Volk pointed out when this piece was originally put on the map it was considered to be an undevelopable piece of land, is the lot 1 site is more appropriate though it has its limitations to be a park / is lot 15 an important space. He feels appointing a committee will not expedite the process but take longer. He wonders if this is just an effort to keep a large store out of Hinesburg.

Andrea Morgante said the Town has made an investment in sidewalks for the vision of having a pedestrian friendly community. This is an opportunity to look ahead and she would like to move forward and make this public space happen.

Jon Trefry said he would like to find out how the Town might move forward with the property owner. He advised this is not a decision and any action relies on the decision of the DRB. If the DRB denies the application then the community needs to act.

Discussions with Fred Silber, Police Chief -

1) Discuss State of the Police Department – Fred advised this past year the department has updated and organized the police filing system / almost completed modernization of evidence and property / will be adopting the VLCT sponsored police policies and procedures (VLCT requires training on this, Fred and Frank will be attending a training and then train the other officers in the department as which point the policies and procedures can officially adopted) / increased levels of patrol and quality of service / increased and formalized interaction with schools / reorganized the restorative justice program / increased level of morale.

To show specifics on these Fred shared a copy of the police activity log comparing 2008, 2009 and 2010 up to Now.

2) Leasing vs. Purchasing Police Cruisers – Fred shared information and costs regarding changing from purchase of vehicles to a lease to own scenario. The Board asked Fred to submit a complete proposal with budget figures.

3) Transfer funds from Equipment to Computer/Copier - R & M  (Equipment has $5,000 budget & balance of $4,115; Computer    has $3,500 budget & balance of $2,807) The Board was in agreement on transferring the funds.

Fred also advised the Board the Department has been approved to receive a DATA Master to perform DUI tests.

Review Village Growth Area Zoning & Subdivision Regulations – The Board reviewed the memo from Alex showing the changes made from discussion at the Selectboards 10/18 and 11/1 meetings. Ken moved the Board vote to approve holding the public hearing on the revised Village Area Zoning & Subdivision Regulations at their February 7, 2011 meeting. Second by Howard and approved.

Other Business

Authorize Chair to sign Natural Resources Conservation Service Agreement Modification - Andrea moved that the Selectboard vote to authorize Jon Trefry to sign the NRCS Agreement Modification for work completed at the Laplatte Headwaters Town Forest. Second by Howard and approved.

Sign Water/Wastewater System Extension Permit (KLM Project) - Ken moved that the Selectboard sign the Water/Wastewater System Extension Permit for the KLM Project (Kinney Drugs on Farmall Drive and Route 116) with conditions as noted. (See attached list of conditions) Second by Andrea and approved.

Allow Installation of Water/Wastewater Lines before April 15 (KLM Project) - Town Ordinance says water and wastewater lines should not be constructed between November 15 and April 15. The motion authorizes an exception in this case with conditions.

Randy moved that the Board vote to allow Brett Grabowski to install water and wastewater lines for the KLM project before April 15 under the supervision of town engineer and with concurrence of Town Water and Wastewater superintendent Steve Button and Highway superintendent Mike Anthony and to include a cold weather construction plan. Second by Andrea and approved.

Authorize Rocky Martin as Representative for Mt. View Project and  

Wastewater Upgrade Project - Board appoints Rocky Martin as Authorized Representative to furnish information to the State of Vermont as needed on the Mountain View Mobile Home Park project.  This also makes Rocky the Authorized Representative for the upgrade project which is nearly complete.

Ken moved that the Board vote to make Rocky Martin the Authorized Representative for the Mountain View Septic Project and the Wastewater upgrade project. Second by Howard and approved.

Approve Minutes of December 6, 2010 - Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the minutes of the Selectboard meeting of December 6, 2010.  Second by Andrea and approved with Randy abstaining.

Sign Appointment Letters and Certificates - Board members signed three letters of appointment and completed signatures on certificates (from December 6 meeting).

Approve Warrants – Ken moved that the Board vote to approve the warrants (including payroll warrants) for bills payable as presented by the Town Treasurer.  Second by Randy and approved.

End of Probationary period for Town Highway employees:

Pete Gosselin ends his probationary period today, 12/20/10, and Mike Anthony endorses him as a permanent full-time employee with a previously agreed upon pay increase to $15.65 an hour.

Randy moved that the Board vote to acknowledge the end of Pete Gosselin’s probationary period on December 20, 2010 and welcome him as a permanent full-time Town employee.  Second by Howard and approved.

Michael Puchacz ends his probationary period on December 27, 2010 and Mike Anthony endorses him as a permanent full-time employee with a previously agreed upon pay increase to $15.62 an hour.

Randy moved that the Board vote to acknowledge the end of Michael Puchacz’s probationary period on December 27, 2010 and welcome him as a permanent full-time Town employee. Second by Howard and approved.

Andrea wanted to acknowledge Town employees and volunteers and wish all a safe and happy holiday.

The Board received a request from Al Barber to pay an invoice for additional work done by Bast & Rood Architects on the new fire station with impact fees.

As there currently funds in the Fire Department planning budget for this purpose the Board agreed that is where the money to pay the invoice should come from.

Health Care Insurance Benefits – Jon reported that 9 staff members have chosen to change their plan. Ken moved the Board vote to authorize the Chair to sign the Health Care Benefits change form and the applications to the new higher deductible value plan being offered by the Town through the Vermont League of Cities and Towns insurance plan.  Second by Howard and approved.

Andrea moved the Board go into executive session including Hank to discuss health care benefits and employee union. Second by Howard and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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