Agency Request Review Committee

Spring Meeting

Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2012

Present: Amanda Van Vranken (co-chair), Kate Dodge (co-chair), Kate Schubart (chair emerita), Gay Regan (new member), Kristin Miskavage (new member), Katharine Hikel (secretary)

We reviewed the application process, and suggested this time line for 2012-13:

• Wednesday, August 1 - Request form for agencies to be posted on the Town website

• Friday, October 19 - Due date for completed requests to be filed

• Monday, November 5 - Committee meeting to review agency requests

• January, 2013 - Select Board reviews ARRC recommendations

• March 2013 - Final approval of grants at town meeting

• Awards disbursed – July 2013

We suggested these revisions to the ARRC page on the Town website:

• For transparency, and to encourage community awareness of needs and services, we recommend posting ARRC awards: amount of grant to each agency, number of Hinesburg residents served, and the year’s total, for the past 5 years.

• Annual grants over the past five years show an average cost per taxpayer of $6- $7 per year. The Committee recognizes and applauds our many citizens who are active in charitable giving on their own. Mutual aid, especially in times of need, is the essence of community.

For 2012-2013 applications, AARC’s ‘request for proposal’ cover letter will be posted on the Town website, under one link with the request form, for the convenience of agencies. Most are now able to fill out applications online.

The Committee thanks Town Administrator Joe Colangelo, and Renae Marshall, Administrative Assistant, for their support; and we thank Kate Schubart for her work as past chair.

Respectfully submitted,

Katharine Hikel, Secretary

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