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Village Visualization Project

This project helped develop a coherent physical plan for the village growth area that connects and integrates potential mixed uses. This physical plan is based on the Town’s existing zoning regulations and official map, and will help further the Town Plan through the use of mapping and 3-D development visualizations (e.g., SketchUp renderings of buildings, streetscapes, green spaces, etc.).

The work was completed by T.J. Boyle Associates, LLC, and guided by community members, involved landowners, and developers. It complements and provides visual representations of the Town’s land use standards and previous village growth area build out projections.

One purpose of this project was to help the community design and guide development in order to facilitate connection and integration of a diverse suite of existing and possible future uses. Another purpose was to help support future economic development forecasting that the Town plans to pursue in 2013 as part of a Growth Center Designation application.

In 2011, the Town’s Village Steering Committee advised the Select Board that Hinesburg would benefit from more pro-active planning in order to provide a clearer vision of how the community wants to grow. They correctly pointed out a confluence of recent development projects and proposals that have surfaced since the Village Growth Area zoning was adopted in 2009. There seems to be a strong interest in Hinesburg on the part of commercial developers and businesses. Recent development includes:
  • Kinney Drugs Development
  • Cheese Factory Redevelopment
  • Lot 1 Municipal Development
  • Town Fire and Police Buildings
  • Proposed Hannaford Supermarket on Lot 15 on Commerce Street
  • Expansion and Redevelopment of the Jiffy Mart and Jolley Short Stop Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
  • Recent Sale of Estey’s Hardware (and Firehouse Plaza) to Aubuchon Hardware
  • Recent Purchase and Rehabilitation of the Village Center Plaza
The Village Steering Committee agreed to take on this effort as their priority project for 2012, with assistance from Planning & Zoning Department staff. The Select Board is interested in applying for Growth Center Designation, and hopes that this project will add to what is already a strong foundation for an application to the VT Downtown Board sometime in 2013.
Project Overview

Project Status:
A Community Forum was held February 11, 2013 at the Hinesburg Town Hall. See the VCAM video below of the event.

Project Timeline:
  • Village Steering Committee Meetings With Project Consultant – Summer 2012
  • Stakeholder Meetings Held With Landowners, Developers, Interest Groups – Fall 2012
  • Project Consultant Developing Plans And Rough Visualization Products – Winter 2012-2013
  • Public Forum Presentation – February 11, 2013
  • Final Report Published – Spring 2013

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