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Wind Energy Associates

  • Project Name: Wind Energy Associates
  • Landowner: Jan Blomstrann
  • Developer: Jan Blomstrann
  • Property Location: East side of Rte. 116, between Mobil Station & CVU Rd.
  • Zoning: Village Northeast and Residential 1 Zoning Districts
  • Property Size: 66 acres – multiple lots, including Renewable NRG Systems facility
  • Project Description: Subdivision sketch plan – 9 lots, 101 dwelling units, 180,000 square feet of new office/manufacturing space, renewable energy, open/green space
Meeting Schedule

• May 5 2015 DRB Review & sketch plan review closed
• June 4 2015 DRB reopens review to address new issues; conversation scheduled for August 4 but postponed to September 15 at applicant’s request
• Sept 15 2015 DRB Review Closed
• Oct 20 2015 DRB Issues Sketch Plan Approval

DRB Findings of Fact, Conclusions, & Order (Decisions)


Applicant Submissions For Sketch Plan Approval

Staff Reports

Town Committee and Department Comments

For More Information

Planning & Zoning Department | 802-482-2281
10632 Route 116, Hinesburg VT 05461

Email Questions/Comments/Submissions To:
Mitch Cypes mcypes@hinesburg.org
Note: Information posted here is not meant to be a complete resource for all information and documents as related to this project. For complete information and specific questions please contact the Planning & Zoning office.
Get Involved - How You Can Participate

What kind of application is this?

This is a Subdivision application that will be reviewed under Hinesburg’s Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Regulations, and Official Map. The subdivision review process and review standards are spelled out in the Subdivision Regulations. As specific uses are proposed for each lot, additional DRB review may be necessary – e.g., site plan review for businesses, conditional use for certain commercial uses, sign review, etc.

When will the DRB make its decision?

The DRB must issue a formal, written decision within 45 days after they close the public hearing. Note that subdivision review happens in three separate steps – sketch, preliminary, final. Each step further fleshes out the application. The DRB will hold hearings and then issue a decision at each of the three steps. For major subdivisions, it often takes a year or more to get through all three review steps.

How can community members participate in this review?

Community input is appreciated and welcome by the DRB at each and every meeting. All respectful feedback is welcome; however, not all comments are “actionable”. Actionable comments are those that relate to specific review standards in relevant sections of Hinesburg’s land use regulations. Remember that the DRB must base its decision on the application’s conformity with our regulations. If you want to make your comments “actionable”, look at our review standards, and reference them or use them as a frame for your feedback. Community members can submit written feedback or make comments during the public input portion of the DRB meetings. Any written feedback will be forwarded to the DRB, the applicant, and the landowner. If you can get written comments to the Planning & Zoning Office by the Wednesday before the meeting, we’ll make sure the DRB sees them in advance of the meeting.

How will the DRB make its decision?

Ultimately, the DRB must decide whether the application is in conformance with the relevant sections of the Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Regulations, and Official Map. These land use regulations represent the common “rulebook” that the DRB and all interested parties get to play by.

The DRB review is a public process through which the applicant, the landowner, and interested community members can present evidence to inform the DRB before they render a decision. The DRB will hold a series of meetings to hear evidence and discuss various aspects of the project. When they feel they have all the evidence they need, the DRB will close the public hearing and begin deliberating to reach a decision. These deliberations may be in open or closed session, and must result in a formal written decision within 45 days of the close of the public hearing. The power to approve or deny the project at the local level rests with the DRB alone. Yep, a lot of responsibility for a seven member volunteer board appointed by the Selectboard. With that said, DRB decisions can be appealed to the Vermont Environmental Court.

How do I learn more about this application?

Check this website for DRB meeting agendas, minutes of previous meetings, Haystack Crossing project plans, and Planning & Zoning Department staff reports. Also, feel free to stop by or contact the Planning & Zoning Office. Miss a meeting and want to get caught up? DRB meeting minutes are on the website – generally about one week after the meeting. VT Community Access Media (VCAM) films DRB meetings, and broadcasts them on Comcast cable channel 17. VCAM also makes these meetings available for free on their website at www.vermontcam.org


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