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Saputo Redevelopment Steering Committee

In response to the Saputo Cheese plant closure, and the significant community interest in the future of this 15.4-acre property at the heart of our village area, the Selectboard created the “Saputo Redevelopment Steering Committee” at their January 5th, 2009 meeting. The Selectboard will be looking to this committee to propose redevelopment opportunities for the Saputo property that meet the needs of the community – including an adequate tax base, job creation, and consistency with the Town Plan.

The Saputo Redevelopment Steering Committee will take input, conduct research, investigate opportunities, and ultimately advise and report to the Selectboard. The Director of Planning & Zoning will be available to the committee for their work, and we are seeking grant funds to help the committee accomplish its objectives (e.g., consultant horsepower, community outreach efforts, etc.). The steering committee will also interact with staff of the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC) who are helping the Town via discussions and ongoing communications with the property owner.

Committee Members

Co-Chairperson:  Will Patten,
Co-Chairperson:  Bill Schubart
Recording Secretary:  Rolf Kielman
Meetings Held:   1st & 3rd Mondays of the Month - 6:30 p.m.
  Town Hall

Scott Buckingham
Laura Carlsmith
Sara Donegan
Rolf Kielman
Will MacKinnon
Will Patten
Bill Schubart

Mission and Selectboard Directive

The mission of the Saputo Redevelopment Steering Committee is to propose redevelopment opportunities for the Saputo property that meet the needs of the Hinesburg community, including an adequate tax base, job creation and consistency with the Town Plan.

The committee shall be composed of up to seven individuals. It is preferable that the committee membership include representatives of the local and regional business community and local leaders. Members shall be appointed by the Selectboard.

The committee shall consider economic, social, physical, and environmental opportunities and limitations of the Saputo property. Proposals shall be consistent with the goals established in the Hinesburg Town Plan. The committee shall take input from the property owner, Selectboard, Planning Commission, Village Steering Committee, interested community members, and organizations. The committee shall be considered advisory and shall report to the Selectboard.

Municipal staff will provide input upon request and limited ongoing support, as time allows. The Selectboard is also seeking grant funds to help the committee accomplish its objectives (e.g., consultants, community outreach, etc.).

Primary Objectives

  1. Communicate with and understand the goals of the property owner
  2. Interface with Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC)
  3. Analyze and evaluate community ideas and goals generated.
  4. Investigate local business’s interest in the site and the potential for local business(es) to expand onto the site
  5. Make recommendations regarding possible zoning changes and the appropriateness of various zoning strategies
  6. Investigate opportunities for partnerships with private and/or public development corporations
  7. Research and evaluate site constraints, wetlands, environmental considerations, soil conditions, water contamination
  8. Review the tax implications of various subdivision and ownership options
  9. Determine Hinesburg's market position within the region (Market Analysis)

Current Documents:

Meeting Minutes


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