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Community Task Force Project:
Hinesburg Multigenerational Center

Contact: Bill Neil
Phone: 482-2284
Email: hmultigen@googlegroups.com

Early Goals: To become familiar with other Vermont multigenerational and teen centers through planned, thoughtful and interactive visits. We also hope to plan and carry out programs for all age groups to bring the community together for events.

Opportunities for Participation/Input: Membership on this Task Force is open to anyone with ideas and a willingness to work on programs for everyone from youth to seniors. New members are urgently needed from all age groups from teens on up through seniors. Is there a Community Center building in the future for Hinesburg?

Recent Events:
In May an afterschool movie, "The Italian Job" was shown at the Town Hall for Teens with pizza and drinks. In July a Teen Dance was also held at the Town Hall with teens playing instruments as well as recorded music & refreshments.

On August 18th a Family d Day was held with games/races in the field behind Town Hall and United Church followed by a cookout and the movie "Fun FielSinging in the Rain" being shown. It was a good time for all ages.

Family Fun Field Day, Town Hall

Recent Site Visits:

Bradford Regional Community Center/Orange East Senior Center
Monday, March 5, 2007 (rescheduled from 01.25.2007)

- A 3 1/2 hour visit (1 Teen, 4 Adults and 1 Guest)
Included: facility tour, planning process review, meet teens and key community volunteers, lunch with seniors, discussions and questions.

Committee Minutes
February 12, 2007
January 10, 2007


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