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Community Task Force Project:
Hinesburg Sustainability and Energy Planning

Contacts: Dawn and Kevin Francis
Phone: 482-2719
Email: francis@gmavt.net

PRESS RELEASE: Light Switch Goal Met!
Read how the Hinesburg community reduced CO2 emissions by almost 3 tons!

Monthly meetings are generally scheduled for Wednesday evenings at NRG off Route 116. Please contact francis@gmavt.net for dates and times.

Charter and Mission
The Sustainability and Energy Planning Task Force mission is to identify and work with relevant partners to initiate energy planning and energy use reduction that will enhance the long-term viability, sustainability and welfare of the town and its residents.

To meet or exceed the challenge to lower residential and municipal costs and carbon footprint by at least 10% reducing energy consumption.

To build excitement around the issues involving sustainability and create a brand for Hinesburg as a green community, while developing the local economy.

Areas of Focus:
1. Reduce energy use and reduce costs.

2. Evaluate and determine energy baseline usage by conducting an energy use assessment for municipal and educational buildings with the ultimate goal of encouraging businesses and residences to conduct assessments.

3. Evaluate the town’s potential for mini-hydro power redevelopment.

4. Increase community awareness and education about energy use, conservation and sustainability through public outreach and communication efforts including the local news papers, town website, the Front Porch Forum, town library and hosting speakers.

5. Build a common definition of sustainability and identify its key components.

6. Address issues within our transportation system including the promotion and identification of ways we can encourage ride sharing, car pooling, more efficient school bus ridership and ending vehicle idling.

Tactical Initiatives
1. Create and implement a light bulb exchange project to get a minimum of 6,000 compact fluorescent bulbs into all 1,600 Hinesburg households in order to reduce energy use and costs.

2. Identify and contact Hinesburg businesses to facilitate energy audits and light bulb exchange and other energy efficiencies possible.

3. Contact Iroquois Manufacturing to determine interest and feasibility in redeveloping a mini-hydro facility.

4. Expand and enrich the Hinesburg Harvest Festival into a community-wide celebration of Hinesburg produce, services, arts, heritage and crafts and an opportunity for residents to network and learn more about the work and goals of other task forces.

5. Work with other Task Forces to explore ways in which the community as a whole, the municipality and residents can save money and lower the overall carbon footprint and energy cost of the community through such experimental measures as carbon farming and biofuels production.

6. Work with other Task Forces to build upon their efforts in identifying local businesses and agricultural enterprises to encourage energy conservation and efficiency as well as sustainable practices.

7. Promote and facilitate development of neighborhood groups to participate in the Low Carbon Diet 4-6 week discussion/action groups and reach 160, or 10% of Hinesburg’s 1600 households. Low Carbon Diet groups conduct their how household use of energy and discuss and identify positive actions to reduce use.

Committee Minutes

February 21, 2007
January 10, 2007
December 6, 2006


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