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Town Forest Committee

The Mission of The Hinesburg Town Forest Committee is established for the purpose of providing stewardship for both the 837-acre Hinesburg Town Forest (HTF) and the 301-acre LaPlatte Headwaters Town Forest (LHTF). The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Selectboard, Commissions, or Town staff as appropriate in matters relating to the HTF and LHTF, and in consultation with the Chittenden County Forester shall make recommendations to the Selectboard for management of the Town Forests.

To accomplish this mission the Committee will work to:
  • Implement the LHTF Management Plan, as adopted by the Selectboard on December 7, 2009 with any plan updates thereafter.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive management plan for the HTF.
  • Utilize, as appropriate, existing documents and resources such as the 2006 Vermont PLACE Program Report, extensive management information that has been collected by County Foresters to serve as both a historical record of the forest and a working document to guide decision makers for the future.
  • Consult with key experts to educate the Committee and the public through walks and talks on the HTF land. Experts might include, but are not limited to staff from Vermont Forest, Parks and Recreation; Fish and Wildlife, Audubon Vermont, and Historic Preservation
  • Meet with representatives of various recreational and other interested user-groups in town, including, hunters, ATV users, bicyclists, horseback riders, etc.
  • Submit draft forest management plan to the Selectboard by December 2010.
  • Hold public forums from time to time to educate the broader public about the forests.
  • Coordinate the management of both the LHTF and HTF into the future.
Committee Members

Chairperson:  Pat Mainer
Vice-Chair:  Jon Trefry
Secretary:  Chris Haviland
Treasurer:  Aaron Miller

Meetings Held:  Every 2nd Thursday of the Month
  Hinesburg Town Hall
  Term Expires
Brent Francis 1/01/22
Chris Haviland 1/01/22
Corinne Johansson 1/01/23
Darren Johnson 1/01/24
Pat Mainer 1/01/22
Thomas Marrinson 1/01/23
Aaron Miller 1/01/21
Jonathan Trefry 1/01/21
Stevie Spencer 1/01/23

Nine member Committee. Members serve three year terms

Meeting Agenda

Meeting agendas are posted two days before each meeting.
  • NEXT MEETING – April 8, 2021  | AGENDA
Questions? Contact the Town Administrator's Office.

Town Forest Committee Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Hinesburg Town Forest Draft Management Plan

Vision Statement
The Hinesburg Town Forest, in a rural residential context on Hayden Hill, has an extensive hill farm history and diverse and functioning natural communities and wildlife habitat. It is used by the public as a place for recreation, quiet solitude, demonstration of sustainable forestry, water quality protection, carbon storage, and public education.

Management Philosophy
The Hinesburg Town Forest will be managed for the benefit of the local community, using a triad approach that designates zones of (1) intensive use, (2) intermediate use, and (3) light duty use and/or reserves. Zones will be formed by matching opportunities present in specific forest sites with potential uses; every site will not support every use. All uses and management must be compatible with sustaining water quality, wildlife habitat, and general ecosystem function and health over the long term. Permitted uses and management will be reviewed and modified as needed based on experience and the best available information.

Management Goals
The following are the goals of the town of Hinesburg, and its residents for the sustainable management of the Hinesburg Town Forest (HTF). All of the goals are of equal importance, and therefore, do not represent any priority in the order they are presented:
  • Use the forest as a model and example of the value of forests to the community, including promotion of educational and community uses that are compatible with other management goals.
  • Maintain and enhance ecological connections between the HTF and the larger landscape.
  • Allow natural processes to govern the HTF ecosystems and model any active management on these processes to the extent possible.
  • Demonstrate sustainable forestry practices that protect and enhance the ecosystem function and health.
  • Protect and/or enhance habitat for native species, including game and non-game wildlife.
  • Protect and promote the natural and human made elements of historic and environmental significance for educational and cultural purposes.
  • Manage non-commercial, recreational opportunities that are not incompatible with the other management plan goals.
  • Manage the allowed uses of the forest in such a way that they do not adversely affect the rural residential nature of the neighborhood.
  • Protect water quality.
  • Monitor and respond to changes.
  • Maintain the forest in at least its present parcel size and configuration.
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